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I’ve always wondered why when eyewitnesses are asked to decribe events on the news, they always say “It sounded like a freight train!”

Now I know. When a satellite truck is parked in front of your house, a reporter and his blinding white teeth, a $20,000 camera, and a microphone are all shoved in your face, there is little else to say because your heart is beating so fast the rush of blood in your ears sounds a little like a freight train.

I was on the news last night, describing my feelings about a certain crime which happened a stone’s throw away. The reporter asked how I felt about the crime. I said I didn’t like it one bit.

When I told the kids I might be on the news, they were thrilled. They were thrilled because they got the wrong idea. Ryley thought I was going to be reading the news, so when the newscast started he said, “Hey! That’s not you!” It was a middle-aged man, not mommy. I told them to be patient.

I had to mute the TV because of certain kid-unfriendly stories. After about five minutes, there I was. Cheers erupted in the living room. Mommy is famous! A show-and-tell topic! Didya call grandma? Let’s rewind and watch again. Again! Again! There was so much excitement and energy.

It sounded sort of like a freight train.

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  • goslyn

    Wow, what happend? How scary. I used to be the person on the other side of the microphone, sort of. I was a newspaper reporter in a past life, and let me tell you, it sounds sort of like a freight train to us, too.

    I covered a few of the press conferences in the DC suburbs when we had the sniper a few years ago, and just being in the crush of reporters trying to grill the police chief was extremely intimidating.

    I hope all is safe on your street today.

  • Wow! I’m sorry that you were so close to an unfortunate event, but cool that you were on tv! LOL at Ryley. I love how I am constantly surprised and amused at the way kids’ brains have a different way of understanding things that grown up brains do.

  • mopsy

    I don’t want to say exactly what happened because it could pinpoint where we live within a few hundred feet. No person was harmed, fortunately (someone could have been).

    I forgot to mention they mispelled my name by one letter. *I* didn’t catch it, my SIL had to tell me. I was too busy making sure I didn’t sound like/look like a dork.

  • hamster

    Why so secretive about the event you commented on? I was on the news once, during my brief adult stint in GJ. I said I thought Bush was wrong to go to war in Iraq without evidence of WMD and without the support of the US’s allies — the reporter told me she was happy to find someone [in GJ] who was willing to say that on TV. hah! My mom taped it, but to this day I haven’t watched it, I just can’t stand to see/hear myself.

  • Wow. Can I tell people I know you? 😉 I hear you’ll be in my neck of the woods in a few weeks. Can’t wait!

  • Yeah, I’m an idiot. I know you’re not coming to my neck of the woods. I got confused. So sorry.

    (I so hate it when I show my dain bramage in public.)

  • mopsy

    LOL, Chilhead. I’ve never been to OK and thought maybe I won some contest—a trip for seven to Oklahoma with luxurious accomodations at Chili’s house. Meals and transportation included.

  • When I was little, my dad was on the news, too, and I thought it was so cool! So now you’re a celebrity!

  • Oh ha – When I read Chili’s comment I thought, “Great! I might get to meet three blogging ladies at the same time!” Giggle. Guessing she means me…

    Sorry about that. Cool to be on the news, but usually being on the news means something bad happened…

  • At least you have all your teeth. It seems like they usually find witnesses who haven’t been to the dentist for ten years….

  • We always see the ones with nomteeth too. You do have all your teeth don’t ya??? ;D

  • Yeah, that would be NO TEETH!!! Sorry!

  • mopsy

    I do have my teeth. How my clip slipped past the producer is beyond me.

  • Whatever happened close to your home…hugs. I hope it wasn’t too scary and won’t affect you at all. LOL at you being famous now!

  • Wow, and I missed it! I love your son’s reaction…and maybe he was just looking down the road into the future when maybe you WILL be the one reporting the news.

  • They must be so proud! I would have loved to see one of my parents on TV. It is so funny though that he expected you to be an anchor. Hearing their cheers must have been nice, although I’m sorry something bad happened near your home.

  • Laura

    Hmm. Now I’m going to have to go googling to find out what happened. I’ve always dreaded being interviewed–you are brave.

  • What an adrenaline rush! I hope that all is calm in your neighborhood!

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