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In case you didn’t know, childbirth hurts.

Apparently, there are people who’ve never heard this. AND THEY NEED TO BE TOLD.

Article here.

Edited to add: the article itself makes good points. It’s the title I am reacting to. Then again, it is the Daily Mail, so one should expect sensationalistic headlines.

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  • Here in Holland pain relief is not used often. The norm is to have a child at home with the help of a midwife. Due to me being a carrier for hemofilia I had both my kids in the hospital, but with the help of a midwife. No pain relief, just lots of panting, groaning and a very very supportive husband!

    marit’s last blog post..Efficiency

  • I wonder why they call it antenatal care instead of prenatal like the did when I was having babies?

    We had excellent childbirth classes, so I felt I was wonderfully prepared. I wonder if they don’t do that any more? Or if the attitude is just “have an epidural and everything will be fine.” That was just becoming prevalent with my third, but I knew of a couple of people who had had problems with it, so I didn’t want one.

    Barbara H.’s last blog post..My 1,000th post celebration and giveaway!

  • You know, I actually WAS amused by how underprepared I was for how painful labour actually was – we were given a little chart with a smiley face, less smiley face, and then varying degrees of frowny faces. Yes, that fully encapsulated the pain of labour.

  • Women need to be warned that childbirth CAN be painful? So there is a way it cannot be? Even WITH pain relieve it’s painful. Eish

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