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My marriage is a teenager

Sometimes, it has tantrums.

Sometimes, when it smiles brightly, I wonder if I should take it somewhere to have teeth straightened just in case a future career in game show hosting lurks in the mists of time. Why not just appreciate it for what it is and let the producers of “The New Newlyweds” do the work? There has been great beauty in the crooked.

My teenaged marriage is proud of itself for being so big, so cool, so smart. It’s hard to admit, for the teenaged marriage, that it doesn’t quite have everything figured out.

It’s important to give it respect, though. It’s inherently a good thing and it needs to be reassured it’s still valued and hasn’t been forgotten.

What’s that on the chin? A zit? Better zap it with something before it gets too big. Looks like preventative measures are in store. The best thing to prevent zits in a teenaged marriage is to make sure it stays clean, holy, and gets to bed early and often.

The teenaged marriage needs to eat a lot of healthy foods and drink bone-strengthening milk if it hopes to be a healthy marriage of 25 years someday. That seems far away to the 13-year-marriage, but it will be here sooner than we think.

Today, I’ll sit back and celebrate how far it’s come and the dreams I have for the future. It’s a good marriage. I’ll give it a squeeze.

But when did it get so tall?

(Happy 13th anniversary to my husband)

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