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My dumb blog is four-years-old

And I say that with great affection, really.

I have a love/hate relationship with this hobby. I don’t take it seriously enough to join groups or advertise, yet here I am still maintaining it after four years. It’s captured my attention like stamp collecting never could. Oh, stamp collecting tried. Even the most elaborate Spanish bullfighter stamp didn’t charm me into keeping up with it longer than a year.

My scrapbooking is stuck at the winter of 2000, when Ryley was a young toddler and Aidan was an old toddler. My embroidery floss has probably grown thorns, neglected like a secret English garden.

Today marks four years of storytelling, iffy poetry, creative non-fiction, ranting, documenting, preserving, sharing. This is a scrapbook of sorts. And rather than paint a scene on a pillowcase with bright cotton thread and needle, I try to paint scenes with bright cotton words.

Humble thanks to all of you who comment, email, or simply say hello from time to time.

Friendly hellos to any lurkers, too.

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