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Mr. Baby’s got a crazy mother

On my way to my ultrasound and NST today, I saw a UPS truck exiting our subdivision.

I was ticked off.

All day, I had been waiting for two shipments—the LAST two before Christmas. According to UPS tracking, both shipments were “out for delivery” which to laypersons like me means “out for delivery.”

I briefly considered running the UPS truck off the road, boarding it like an especially dumpy and swollen pirate, and demanding my packages. The only reason I didn’t?

I had a date to see Mr. Baby on screen.

The good news is that fluid rose to 8 and the NST showed a vigorous little man in there. He is doing well and I don’t have to go back until next Monday. I am thrilled with today’s appointment, which is far more important than the knowledge a giant brown diesel truck didn’t screech to a halt and idle at the end of my driveway. There is always tomorrow.

Today brought blessings abundant.

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