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Mr. Baby is having a drought

I had a routine appointment today. Because of my history of low fluid with Beatrix and Archie, I had an ultrasound just to peek in on things. There was no reason to believe the fluid would be low because all my ultrasounds this time have shown good fluid levels and a happy Mr. Baby.

Until today.

The fluid measured 6. Anything 5 and below means delivery. The doctor put me on immediate bedrest, at home, for at least the next week. I will have another ultrasound next Monday. If his movements decrease or I notice any sort of change, I am to call them.

My mother is dropping everything to drive from Grand Junction to help. She is the best.

I am in bed. Aidan brought the laptop and a s’mores bar to me, saying, “You are going to need these.” I see a future for her in midwifery or perhaps as a Best Buy salesperson.

I had low fluid with Beatrix and Archie. I know the complications, implications, and what it’s like to meet a baby earlier than expected. I truly thought we escaped low fluid this time.

Please keep us in your prayers and thoughts. I am pretty discouraged at this moment. If he needed to be born, he’d be okay-ish. I have 4 weeks left at the most, anyway, but the longer he cooks, the better. With low fluid, one of the issues is that lung development is slowed. The other is that there is no cushion for the umbilical cord, so babies can crush it which is, um, the worst of the worst.

Good news: He is head-down, has chubby cheeks, and hair long enough to be seen via ultrasound. He is growing well. The cord blood flow was excellent. I am feeling him squirm right now. I love it. I love him.

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