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Here’s an uncomfy topic

I was bouncing from a blog here to a blog there and came across a perfectly lovely site which hadn’t been updated since early December. It was my first time there. It is not on my blogroll (in case someone thinks they know what blog I am talking about).

The writer, a woman, wrote how excited she was to be moving soon. Their house was on the market. She got about 22 comments. Then she vanished. No updates. No explanations. No “I’m going private” or “I’m moving to a new address, follow me” and no “I’m giving up blogging, farewell.”

I wondered if maybe she died.

Then I began to think about Lifenut and what would happen to it if I choked to death on a handful of cashews or a plane from the nearby airport crashed into my car as I drove (alone) to the mall. Morbid-make-the-6pm-news thoughts.

Would my husband write a post, saying I’m toast?

Would he legally inherit my blog and all it’s contents? He can have it, as long as he doesn’t sell the film rights to the Lifetime Movies for Lonely Women Network.

Should I write a post to be made public in the event of an unfortunate and fatal dog-sledding accident, with instructions to my husband to publish it posthumously with a pre-approved photo?

If you were six feet under or ashes sprinkled out of a hot air balloon tomorrow, would your readers know?

What, if any, obligations do we have as bloggers to explain ourselves to readers if we decide to stop writing?

And who would play you in the movie made of your life?

21 comments to Morbid

  • So nice to find somebody as morbid as I am! I have thought of this, too. Sad thing is maybe I would get more readers if there was buzz that “something mysterious” happened to me?

    susannah’s last blog post..The (Very) Dark Side of the Moon

  • Is it a bad thing if I find this post kinda funny? 🙂

    Stacey @ Happy Are We’s last blog post..Why Do Moms Stay Up So Late?

  • I have wondered this myself. Or, depending on my mood, what I would write if someone else died. Nothing warms a winter afternoon like a little melodrama.

    Veronica Mitchell’s last blog post..Worst Hair ?Style? Ever

  • I’ve thought of this too! LOL

    Robin’s last blog post..Project 365 – Day 41

  • I’ve thought about this- probably many bloggers have. As far as I know, no one knows my password so the news would just have to come from other bloggers, I guess. And I would only hope that the last post I write is a good one!


    Adventures In Babywearing’s last blog post..Surprise

  • I will sometimes not write something on my blog because I don’t want that to be the last post on my blog if I died! That is so funny – I thought I was the only one who thought like that!

    I read a blog once and the author died in a car crash, and it was so strange to read that she had died – as if blogging makes you exempt? Weird thoughts.

    Rach’s last blog post..where we be

  • This post is both funny and unnerving! I am sure my hubs would find a way to post a good-bye from me, and he know that if he posts a picture, it needs to be a really good one. No wrinkles or gray hairs in the photo, for sure!

    randi’s last blog post..weekend in review

  • i’ve wondered that too!

    chickadee’s last blog post..The Way We Were

  • Oh good, glad to know I’m more normal than I thought. I have a feeling my blog would be just out there. Nobody to update. Oh wait, on second thought, my son Christopher would comment and say something I’m sure.

    So if that were to happen, hopefully anyone who knows me online would pass it along to the rest of my online friends.

    Joanne’s last blog post..Random Thoughts

  • Ah, Julia Roberts, of course! I actually read a post recently of a dead soldier. He had written it in the event that he died and given it to a friend. It was incredibly moving – but a little creepy!

    nutmeg’s last blog post..Let’s not Vote with Our Hoo Hoos

  • Nutmeg, I read that same posy. It was what you said.

    I think about odd ways I might die and how I would escape those situations all the time (like on the way to work today…”what if the cars speeding at me from the other side of guard rail jumped it? would i duck? would i swerve?”).

    I’ve been told I look like Kelly McGillis, but she’s a bit old to play me…maybe Charlize Theron?

    Heidi’s last blog post..Bad Poetry Monday – 6

  • I actually was afraid that had happened to one of my blogger friends. He went on vacation and never returned. I started imagining car wrecks, alien abductions, and worse. I was so convincing that eventually I e-mailed him just to make sure he was still living. No response. I waited a month and tried again. Ta-dah! He resurfaced. He was just reevaluating his position on the internet.

    I used to think Winona Ryder would do nicely, except now I’m kind of partial to Ellen Page. Some short dark person.

    Inkling’s last blog post..That’s So Inkling

  • I’ve thought of this, too. I’ve thought about it in regard to the forums I’m on. Would my online friends just wonder about me with no answers? Would DH think to post about my demise on the forums? I don’t think he could on my blog unless it was in the comments ’cause he doesn’t have my passwords. What if DH died at the same time? Then what? Then who would let my online friends know?

  • You know what? I HAVE thought about this. Anyone who has ever gotten an email reply back from a comment knows my first and last name, I wonder if anyone would ever bother googling my name to see if any news stories came up.

    One of my “real life” (hometown) friends blogs, and I wonder if she would post a comment on my blog announcing my Homegoing.

    Movie of my life? Hmmmmm. Well, when I was teaching, my kids always told me I look like Renee Zwellweger (don’t have time to double check spelling on that). She’s a tad obnoxious, but I guess she could get the mild Texas accent right.

    And now I am emailing you because I *think* I know which blogger you were talking about.

    Megan@SortaCrunchy’s last blog post..Endings and Beginnings

  • I hadn’t thought of that. Is it more morbid that scenes of my husband dieing run through my head but not me, like I am the one who is exempt? Now, I think I will have to talk with Drew and give him instructions on what to do. You know, cremation and then don’t forget to write a lovely post on my blog.

    Gwyneth Paltrow.

    Kiki@Seagulls in the Parking Lot’s last blog post..Compassion and Kindness

  • mopsy

    Kiki—LOL! A widower should have his priorities straight.

    I hope I never see any of these movies starring Ellen Page, Renee Zellweger (sp? such a hard name, Renee), Chalize, Julia, Gwyneth, et al, ladies.

    The actress playing me will be Mary Tyler Moore, 1970s hat-tossing version.

  • Choking on cashews would be a lovely way to go. I can’t think of a better food to eat while dying. Yum.

    Pancakes and Twinkies couldn’t kill you, they are too soft.

    Heth’s last blog post..Six Things Meme

  • Hey Gretchen,

    I just ran across the same blog! It was all velvety and stuff but lonely… I’m worried now!

    nutmeg’s last blog post..I Wonder What They Think of Us?

  • edj

    Oh I’ve wondered that too! My husband has my password, so he’d at least let all my faithful readers (like there are so many of them?) know.

    edj’s last blog post..How I Got My Elbows On

  • This VERY morning in church, while I should have been listening to the sermon, I started wondering the exact same thing!! Would my husband write a post? Or would he be so sad he would pass the job off to my cousin, the only one in our family who knows how to work Blogger?

    And this – this is the most pathetic thought I had –


  • WELL, my friend knows to post a ‘goodbye’ if that happens to me lol

    Melany’s last blog post..School rugby

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