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Madness and Gladness

First, the Madness: At this moment, at ebay, there are 115 Jones Soda Holiday Packs for sale. The highest price is a Buy It Now! for $92.30. The lowest? One Penny! But there are six days left in that auction—it is bound to get out-of-hand too. My morning SuperTarget surprise inspection uncovered zero Holiday Packs. I once said, foolishly, that “I will not be denied.” It appears I will be denied. That is the last time I promise to try iffy and potentially disgusting sodas in the name of bloggership.

Now, the Gladness: The pie was easily and honestly the best apple pie I have ever eaten in my entire life. That is not in the least overstating the obvious amazing tastiness of the pie. I do not exaggerate. We used a butcher knife to slice it. An axe or a wood saw would have done the trick as well, without being overkill. A single scoop of vanilla ice cream looked like a snowball hitting the side of a giant Amish-built barn when lovingly placed next to a slice of our warm and sugary Texas pie. Now I am eyeing the Pumpkin Silk Pie made by the same company. Broncos vs. Saints anyone? Broncos vs. Chargers? Broncos vs. your local high school football team?

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