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I was tagged for the Sevens meme by Ben, Julana, and Bethany. I’ve been absent, so I must be the last blogger to participate in this meme. I’m going to do it anyway because there is so much to write about and nothing to say.

Seven things to do before I die

1. Be a contestant on “Jeopardy”
2. Fly British Airways first class
3. Visit Australia and New Zealand
4. See my grandkids
5. Sing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl
6. Go on a cruise with hubby
7. Take the kids to some sort of Disney place

Seven things I cannot do

1. Swim
2. Bend over and touch my toes (my legs are too long/my arms are too short/I am too uncoordinated)
3. Ski
4. Parallel park
5. Bring myself to eat cream cheese
6. Change the Diaper Genie refill (yes, after five kids and 8 1/2 years of continuous use, hubby changes the refills every time)
7. Leave the bag of chocolate chips alone

Seven things that attract me to hubby

1. He’s gorgeous, even shaved bald (his current look)
2. He’s kind
3. He’s a fabulous father
4. He’s funny
5. He’s generous
6. He’s thoughtful
7. He’s my best friend

Seven things I say most often

1. Joel, get down!
2. Joel, no climbing!
3. Joel, spit that out!
4. Joel, no hitting!
5. Joel, no biting!
6. Joel, don’t touch!
7. Joel!

Seven books (or series) I love

1. The Bible
2. Death Comes for the Archbishop, by Willa Cather
3. The Chronicles of Narnia (I started reading them this fall, for the first time)
4. Flannery O’Connor short stories
5. Anything Jane Austen
6. Annie Dillard
7. For fun: Glossy, vapid, jaded, pointless, yummy-smelling phonebook-thick magazines full of fashions I will never afford, and if I could I would never wear them because is a bikini made out of feathers very practical?

Seven movies I watch over and over again (or would watch over and over if I had the time)

1. A Room with a View
2. Anything with Cary Grant
3. Anything with Doris Day
4. The Three Amigos (one of the all-time underrated movies)
5. Planes, Trains, and Automobiles
6. Meet Me in St. Louis
7. It’s a Wonderful Life

Seven people I want to join in, too

I am doing the easy thing and not tagging anyone.

9 comments to Lucky

  • Russ Eldredge

    Wow, Gretchen! Nice list! Do you think you’ll ever take up skiing? Colorado is an ideal place to start learning. Of course, nowadays it is pretty cost-prohibitive.

    I LOVED the “Things I say most often” list. I think a lot of us can really relate to that one.

    Happy Monday!

  • How do you find time to blog with 5 kids? Wow, you’re my hero! I should do this. Do we ever get to see a picture of you?


  • Julana

    I can see you being a Flannery O’Connor fan. You have a real gift for imagery and understated analogy.
    That diaper genie pail 🙂 makes you human. 🙂
    I’m also an Annie Dillard fan.
    And now I’m thnakful my husband has not shaved his head. 🙂 Oh,my.

  • JoAnn

    Yep. Your Joel sounds like my Becca. Thanks for making me smile today Gretchen! Been missing you on the board. I haven’t made it here for awhile….


  • Three Amigos! I once did “My Little Buttercup” in a talent show. Me and the Spanish teacher. What a riot.

    And I have to say that flying first class is *amazing.* My uncle bought us tickets for our honeymoon, and it was quite a treat. Not one that I will probably ever be able to afford again, but one that I will always remember.

  • Mel

    I’m pretty sure I’ve read everything Flannery O’Connor ever read . . . even her correspondence. 🙂

  • because there is so much to write about and nothing to say.

    Boy do I understand. But seriously, I love the content of your blog! 😀 Keep up the good work!

  • ben

    I am taking mini cheese cakes to work tomorrow. Would that count as cream cheese if you ate one of those?

  • mopsy

    Yes, Ben. It would. I can’t stand cheesecake!

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