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“Love through action” ~ An update on the gift card project

Several days ago, I received a letter from Jeffrey’s aunt.

She wrote about his life and their family. After I read it, I looked at the notecard she used. The front says “Thank You” in aqua lettering. It is bordered by thin strips of wood arranged in a pattern. I flipped the card over and read:

Since its inception in 1982 Food For The Poor has shipped over $320 million worth of relief and developmental materials to the poor of the Caribbean and Latin America.

Food For The Poor begs the support of both individuals and churches throughout the U.S. and aboard in order to reach the least of our brothers and sister in Christ’s name.

I hadn’t told Jeffrey’s aunt about the food card project because I didn’t know her. I was energized by her letter and the card. She is a very sweet lady. When we started collecting money, gift cards, and other donations 10 days ago, I didn’t know what to expect. Would people care? Was I whispering into hurricane force winds? I had moments of doubt and deep dismay. I lost followers at Twitter every time I mentioned this project. It was hard to face rejection like that and I took it personally, I admit.

But then I realized their rejection didn’t matter. If they were going to unfollow me because I’m trying to honor what our family has been called to do, then they aren’t really the kind of people I want following me, anyway.

To those who have invested time, prayers, support, cheerleading, and money:

Here’s an update on what has happened the last 10 days:

~ $220 has been collected via the ChipIn widget located at the top of my left sidebar. People have donated via PayPal and I am so, so grateful for every penny generously given. Stunned, actually. The widget will be active until September 15th at midnight if you feel like dropping something in the virtual bucket.

~ Neuro Beverages sent a case of drinks to distribute

~ Popchips is sending 100 bags of chips to distribute

~ A friend donated a huge box of toiletries, including toothpaste, toothbrushes, body wash, shampoo

~ Another friend provided a pile of cards for free McDonald’s oatmeal, no strings, no buy one get one. That will warm some bellies with cold weather coming soon

~ I’ll still accept mailed gift cards. They’ll need to be here on or before Friday, September 16th.

Thank you, everyone.

Let me know if you have questions or thoughts. Saturday is distribution day! Keep the outreach team and all of the men, women, teens, and KIDS living on the streets, in cars, in shelters in your prayers and in your hearts.

6 comments to “Love through action” ~ An update on the gift card project

  • Mom

    God has brought something good and beautiful out of the sadness and loss.

  • I admire what you are doing so much… and I wish I had a few extra dollars this month for you, but they got donated at the 9/11 service yesterday. God bless you and your family Gretchen… you are doing marvelous things.

  • Well done you for keeping at it… Seriously, the first time I called for anything on our blog it was a complete disaster – readers scattered, comments stopped, I discovered the very fickle side of the internet – ya know!!! I think the readers that stayed the distance were the ones that I wanted to hang around!!! So in the long run it was better for all of us, but it really hurt at the time. And the reaction of our readers has improved each time we have asked for something… so persist, I think folks need to hear the message often!!!

  • Shayne

    It is a beautiful thing that you are doing. God has turned this situation into something positive, as only He can do. Moreover, you have inspired me (and probably other readers) to begin keeping some gift cards in my purse to give out when I am approached by a homeless person seeking a donation. So the ripple effect of your actions continues on…

  • Everything about this made me smile.

    Food for the Poor is one of my husband’s favorite nonprofits — which is saying something. He went to Haiti with Food for the Poor just a few months before the earthquake, and he remains close friends with the president. He will be thrilled to know this sweet story. It’s funny how our stories can run in circles at times.

    I think you are doing a good thing. You are loving well, and teaching your children to do the same. Do not give up.

  • Oh I’m just so inspires and proud of all you’ve done. And i know you didn’t sign up for this for those reasons but still.


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