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Little 14

Aidan at 13.5

Today, my first baby is 14.

Happy Birthday, Aidan. She had quite a year.

Welcomed her 6th baby brother and 7th sibling with wide-open arms.

Aidan and Teddy

Almost chopped off a finger.

broken finger

An open-fracture wrapped in pretty pink.

Went to New York City.

My mom and Aidan in Times Square

Got accepted into a prestigious high school program.

Performed in her first talent show.

Those were the big things since her last birthday.

It’s the daily life with Aidan I find to be the most extraordinary. She’s crazily generous, a hard-worker, funny, and not afraid to still proclaim a love of stuffed animals and cartoons. She’s not in a hurry to grow up.

She loves Italian Wedding soup, cheeseburgers with everything on top, Little Big Planet, hats and skirts, manga, math, 80s music, and she has most of the dialogue in Return of the Jedi memorized.

What a girl!

11 comments to Little 14

  • She is lovely.

    How did I miss the finger incident? Yikes! Did everything heal up ok?

  • Madeline

    Happy birthday Aidan!!!

  • Shayne

    Happy birthday, Aidan! I’ve never met her, but I can tell just from the photos that you post and stories you tell that she is an extraordinary girl!

  • Happy Birthday – to a one-of-a-kind friend and sweet soul!

  • Amy

    Happy Birthday! Hope you all had a great day celebrating!

  • Happy birthday to your first born! She is extraordinary… the things she has done and the person she is becoming… Wishing her joy on her birthday and all through her 14th year! {Oh, and how is it possible that our oldest children are getting so old, we certainly are not aging… are we? 😉 }

  • Happy Birthday… Aiden!!! My Hood# 1 is just a little behind and turns 14 in September… and is a huge Little Big Planet fan!!! All he wants for his birthday is a plush sackboy, can’t find one anywhere he will have to be happy with t-shirts!!! That finger looks so sore and I am dreaming about visiting New York!!! But best of all the singing is fabulous – all 7+1 of your fans in Cape Town crowded round my laptop to see you sing again and again and just once more and then again… hope you have a brilliant birthday and a wonderful year full of great adventures!!!

  • Happy b-day, Aidan!

    That picture of her with the cast just cracks me up because combined with her sad/ neutral facial expression it really looks like she’s giving you the finger. Which I guess she sort of is. Maybe appropriate for a post about turning 14?

    Seriously, though, she’s a beautiful young lady and I think the teenage years will be (mostly) a joy for her and you both.

    • Happy birthday Aidan!

      @Aubrey, if Aidan were truly giving the finger, the other fingers would be curled. Seeing as they are not, I’d say teenage rebellion has not (yet) affected her yet!

  • happy birthday aidan! i LOVE the singing video. love love love. wonderful.

  • We adore Aidan — yeah! Happy Belated Birthday to her… That means this year she is… she is… WOW! Life is just moving on by, We hope to have Aidan over again soon… if she has time that is. 🙂

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