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Line drying update*

Our utility bill was $30 less than we expected. Does line drying deserve all the credit? I don’t know. I just like having 30 extra bucks in my pocket. In today’s economy, that is nothing to shrug off.

$30 represents a significant drop in our energy usage, and the main change we made around here regarding how we use energy is in line drying.

I’m sold. It won’t be easy this winter, and I know we will use the dryer. I am much more mindful of times when I can hang clothes to dry and I will jump on those opportunities.

*I nominate this title for zippiest, sexiest, most appealing in blogging history.

9 comments to Line drying update*

  • $30 is a huge drop in energy savings! Wow! I’m impressed.

    As a random, BTW, my sister is now a resident of your fine state of Colorado–as of last Thursday. Hooray for that 🙂

    Stephanie’s last blog post..Saturday’s Silly Survey #2

  • Well, even if it doesn’t account for the full $30, obviously line drying contributed to the drop in utilities.

    I’m always running round turning off lights, unplugging things, hoping for a difference. Of course, if we didn’t have three computers, five televisions, one DVR, one PS3, one Wii… (Oh! I disgust myself!)

    Mary-LUE’s last blog post..Posting Under the Influence. . .

  • Second!

    Minnesotamom’s last blog post..Sunday Sunshine

  • I might have to try line drying. Especially for the $30. That’s a lot of Christmas gifts!

    Elizabeth’s last blog post..Coming Home for Homecoming

  • THIRTY BUCKS! That’s not a small change, is it… hm. I think my husband will be lowering our clothesline this afternoon….

    Beck’s last blog post..Thanksgiving Monday!

  • edj

    Yes, but I HATE line drying. What about the electricity you’re using by the increase in ironing? What about all the extra time? What about stiff, stand-on-their-own towels and sheets and jeans that take 2 days to dry? Can you tell I’m back in Africa, where there are no dryers, only in a humid climate where it’s taking some things 2 days to dry?

    edj’s last blog post..An Afternoon in the Life

  • I’m totally with you on the post title–I was like “Whoa! What kind of sexiness is this? Crazy!!”–so, yeah, you have my vote–

    Gorgeous, gorgeous comment over at my place today–beautiful~you almost make me want to switch from my fall love to spring—


    Octamom’s last blog post..Monday Musings…Do You Fall For Fall?….

  • Teri

    Stumbled across your blog & have been enjoying it so much. I also line dry. As for the ironing….call me stupid but I enjoy it. It’s about the only time I’m standing in one spot during the day. I have a monster clothes line in our backyard and am pushing my husband into getting a folding one for the winter. Congrats on the savings!

  • I just read your comment on Shannon’s blog about writing by torch. I had to tell you that it sent me into a lovely fit of laughter. Thank You so much!

    I live in a condo so no line drying for me – but I have been unplugging my house. I saw this woman on Oprah the other day who says that she literally pulls the plug out of the wall on anything that she isn’t using at the moment. She said that she has gone from a $200 electric bill to about $60. I don’t know if I’m going to unplug my stove or dryer, but getting rid of those little electricity leaks may save a pretty penny.

    Nice to meet you – Thanks for making me laugh. Stop by my place this week, I’m having a Birthday Giveaway week.


    Kristin’s last blog post..Birthday Giveaway day two

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