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Life sentences

Curt at The Happy Husband recently posted an interesting, easy, and amusing exercise he and his wife explored called Completing each other’s sentences.

The idea is for each spouse to write the first five words of five sentences. Then each completes the other’s sentences. Since couples often have the ability to complete each others thoughts and words (with sometimes iffy accuracy), it is a fun way to expound of this sometimes annoying, sometimes endearing habit. Hubby and I tried our own last night and here are our results:

My sentences, completed by hubby:

1. A picture is worth a…ton of hard drive space.

2. The scent of pine needles…reminds me of pine cone wars.

3. Birds sing the loudest when…you’re trying to sleep.

4. “L” is for the way…you’re looking at me right now.

5. Ernie and Bert secretly share…Bush’s Baked Beans for brunch.

Hubby’s sentences, completed by me:

1. Carry on my wayward son…the trunk won’t fit in the overhead bin.

2. It’s about time we started…forgetting time.

3. They’re 20/20 and they’re blue…and there’s 10 staring back at you.

4. Yours for only a small…oceanliner full of platinum.

5. Sometimes you feel like a…feather in a hurricane.

It was really fun to do. It was fun anticipating what hubby’s complete sentences would be and I found I was completely off. I laughed so hard I nearly cried at his Ernie and Bert answer. Maybe he caught me at a weak moment…?

Doing this little exercise reinforced the fact I am married to an original, creative, and playful guy. Although I may think I know him (in fact I often say I knew you were going to say that), I am still learning about him.

If you play along and make your own sentences, let me know.

*Curt is no longer blogging. This post is recycled from June 2005, but I thought I’d trot it out again.

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