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I met Laura, the very talented blogger behind bluestocking. She is in the Denver area visiting family and we were able to meet for lunch at Red Robin yesterday. Ethan, her 18-month-old, was with her. He is even more adorable than in the pictures Laura posts. I recognized her right away when she walked in the restaurant.

She is a lovely, warm person, genuine. Sprite drinker (details, I know you want details). It wasn’t easy talking because I had to keep intercepting ranch dressing cups from Joel, reminding video-game-eyeing Ryley to turn around, and keep a sudden balloon obsession quashed. Our visit seemed short because my kids do not appreciate the art of eating, then coloring quietly whilst certain bloggers discuss important blogger business, like garish food coloring and college jobs. I could have talked with her for hours, but my kids were downright crazed. I’ll admit it, I was embarrassed and a little baffled by how squirrely they were. Studious Ethan seemed to be taking notes. Laura, if he starts drinking ranch dressing or scaling concrete retaining walls, I apologize.

At one point she looked at them, looked at me, and asked “how do you find time to blog?” I get asked that a lot. Somewhere in between all the wiping I do of people and things, I wipe my thoughts all over the screen and they seem to stick.

Thanks, Laura. I am so glad we met.

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  • It’s always lovely to meet someone that you know from the internet. I’m always so amazed at how much of our true character comes through on the net. (I suppose one could lie and be someone else but what is the use of that!)

  • I’m getting to the point where my blog-life is intersecting my real-life. It’s great fun!

  • How wonderful that you could meet Laura. She really is such a lovely person, and I’m so jealous that she got to meet up with you. I’ll have to pry her for details when she gets back.

    Have a Merry Christmas!

  • Ooh I am jealous over here! I want to meet Mopsy in real life! What if we have a convention? ;0)

    I was wondering how you found time to blog!!!!!!!!


  • “Somewhere in between all the wiping I do of people and things, I wipe my thoughts all over the screen and they seem to stick.”

    A quote destined for a fridge magnet or something.

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