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It’s a long story involving Target, crutches, urgent care, ice, painkillers, and now me in bed with the laptop.

I hurt my right foot quite badly yesterday while shopping for Halloween clearance items. I smacked the top, bony part into the corner of the checkout counter because I was in a hurry. Throughout the day the pain increased to the point I couldn’t put any pressure on it. The top of my foot is swollen so much I cannot wear regular shoes, not that I am going anywhere.

According to the urgent care doctor, I didn’t break any of those pencil-thin bones. I have a deep foot contusion, however. It isn’t pretty.

When I woke up this morning, I honestly thought my foot would be much better—and nobody ever accuses me of being an optimist. I got out of bed and got right back in. I cannot walk without terribly sharp pain.

That’s all. Just crying on your shoulders. Keeping my ugly foot elevated.

Being lame.

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