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Kiss These, They’re Irish(ish) ~ Easy St. Patrick’s Day Cupcakes

I think our family is responsible for 87% of the sales of Airheads Xtremes rainbow candies. The kids like the sour/sweet combination, I like how they easily make cakes colorful. They’re a fun alternative to sprinkles.

About a year ago, I made rainbow cupcakes with frosting the color of a blue sky and mini marshmallow clouds. About six months ago, I used the rainbows to top Beatrix’s really easy My Little Pony cake. Today, the little guys and I made these cupcakes, thinking about St. Patrick’s day next week.


They were very easy to assemble. I simply snipped Airheads strips, then added a single Rolo candy. It took a little trial and error to figure out rainbow/Rolo placement. I ended up gently pushing each Rolo down into the cake, sideways, so it looks like the rainbow is ending inside a little gold bucket.

Get lucky!

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