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It’s Now a Quest

I will not be denied.

Yesterday I spoke of the Jones Soda Holiday Pack, which contains five different sodas. The flavors are Green Bean Casserole, Fruitcake, Turkey and Gravy, Mashed Potato and Butter, and Cranberry.

The Holiday Packs went on sale at the Jones website at 9am mountain time this morning. I was poised at the computer, ready to buy my liquid Thanksgiving dinner. The site was very slow, however, and kept sending error messages indicating that the server had crashed. The demand was overwhelming.

I mustered the troops (hubby and pianoliz) to try to get through to the site. Finally, and hour and a half after the sale began, I got through, only to discover that they were sold out–all 15,000 cases (limit 2 per person).

I did a little investigating and learned that SuperTarget stores will be selling the Holiday Packs as well. I called every SuperTarget in the Denver Metro area. Some of the stores knew exactly what I was talking about, having fielded calls from other crazies already today. Some of the stores acted like I was nuts for asking “do you carry the Jones Soda Holiday Pack with the green bean soda?” Imagine that. The consensus at SuperTarget is that they will be carrying it, but the Jones distributor won’t come around until next Monday. And even then, there is no guarantee.

The next natural step was to turn to ebay. Moments after the Jones store sold out, I found 7 Holiday Packs for sale at ebay. The highest bid at that point was $40, plus shipping. As of this moment, there are 20 for sale, with a high bid of $56, plus shipping. I could Buy It Now! for a mere $79.99, plus S&H. I can imagine the conversation with Lee tonight:

“I spent $90 on five bottles of soda today! Oh, and can you take out the trash?”

“Climb in!”

That scenario didn’t sound appealing, so I did some more investigating. I found the online list of Jones Soda distributors, with their phone numbers. There are only two in Colorado. I called the distributor located in Denver, but they hung up on me. The other distributor is located in Glenwood Springs, about 150 miles west of here. I gave him a jingle too. He was very helpful, but said he wasn’t going to distribute it because it is only for SuperTarget. He told me he was hoping that he could get his hands on “just one” so that he could put it in his display case. We both sighed and marveled at the situation. After hanging up, I immediately began plotting my next move: whining about it. So here I am.

I have turned into a Jones Soda Holiday Pack Stalker. This year’s Tickle Me Elmo tastes like carbonated mashed potatoes.

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  • sister-of-mopsy

    Your mad mopsy. 🙂

  • […] Approximately a year ago, I discovered Jones Soda Holiday Packs. I made quite a mission out of finding them, but it did not work out. They were produced in a very limited quantity. I turned to ebay, but was astonished at what they were selling for—over $100 for a pack of five sodas by the end of the frenzy. […]

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