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Today is the inspection on our future home. This time, I hope I won’t have to be consoled with a bouquet of tulips and lunch at Old Chicago because it goes so badly. So chunkily. So moldy.

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  • Shayne (aka doodle)

    Fingers crossed for you! I hope this it The House for you.

  • Hope it goes well. We had an Old Chicago back where I lived in California. Where are you?

  • mopsy

    We live in the Denver metro area. Old Chicagos on every corner, it seems…

  • a-ha! My Dad is convinced that Old Chicago brought on labor for my first born. So much so that he brought it over to our house 45 minutes away for #2 and #3. Didn’t work : ( I was waiting for him to express mail it across the country since we moved before #4 but no such luck. That stuff is GOOD and I miss it. Guess, I can come out to Denver and check out your powder room ; )
    So…how did the inspection go???? We are in our own mess over the inspection on our house done weeks ago. Some major communication errors that we get to pay for. Yay! I won’t go down without a fight though. Although, I probably am going down just so we can move ahead with the closing but I am taking the Realtors with me!

  • mopsy

    Mmmmmmmmmm (in my best Homer Simpson voice) Italian nachos from Old Chicago….

    I was convinced Sonic put me into labor with #2, so I tried to repeat history with #3 by eating *exactly* what I ate before: a grilled cheese sandwich, onion rings, and a vanilla Dr. Pepper. It didn’t work. Isn’t it funny what we will try to evict a baby?

    I am sorry for your house-buying complications, too. I hope they work out so you can close without a hitch. I swear, every time the phone rings and we see it is either our realtor or lender, we cringe.

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