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I just coined a new word, but I am not going to hold my breath waiting for its appearance in the OED. Then again, if “bootylicious” and “bling bling” can make it into the dictionary, so can Insomnioptimism.

What is the definition of Insomnioptimism? The fervent belief that being awake at midnight is a subconscious manifestation of the desire to welcome in a new day and the possibilities that lie inherently therein.

In other words: I am up at midnight because I am so excited about the new day I can’t wait to get it started.

In other words: I am up at midnight, slightly frustrated, and am telling myself that it isn’t such a bad thing to be awake at midnight because I see the earliest moments of a fresh new day.

In other words: Only an insomniac sleep-deprived brain would try to make lemonade out of the 500 pound lemon that is Insomnia.

when life unloads a 500 pound lemon, only the Jolly Green Giant can make lemonade. But he's asleep.

This happens to me every time I am pregnant. I don’t know if it has physical/hormonal origins or if it is just my inability to turn churning thoughts off long enough to let sleep overtake me.

In the meantime, I’d like to give a hearty, warm welcome to June 22nd! Sit down! Have some lemonade.

4 comments to Insomnioptimism

  • If we were in the same time zone I’d give you a call and we could chat. Actually, I am awake around 2am so maybe that would work.
    Nice word, I’ll try and view my awake time in a more positive light now.

  • mopsy

    LOL! Then I would be up all night for sure. Do you sing lullabies?

  • 🙂 Great graphic. Was that a 2 am creation? Do you find yourself dragging during the following day? I’m a major night owl, but it’s just not conducive to my life right now!

  • mopsy

    The graphic is courtesy of my Hallmark Card Studio 2004. When I was writing, I remembered for some bizarre reason my clip art program included pictures of giant produce on train cars. I remembered a potato, brocolli, apples, but not a lemon…but when I opened the program, there was my giant lemon waiting to be used.

    I used to be a major night owl. I just can’t do it anymore. I wish I could—then I could watch Letterman and Conan again.

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