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In winter here, I mark the hours

In central Denver, there is a massive stone sundial that rests on a platform of red brick. On one side, the words “In Winter Here, I Mark The Hours” is engraved. On the first day of winter, we visited the sundial. It was overcast because a massive storm was on the way.

The second day of winter looked like this:

Sam, shoveling

Porch light

Joel and Georgebailey churn the deep, heavy backyard snow

Archie is finally old enough to turn loose in a snowy backyard with siblings

Georgebailey catches Joel

4 comments to In winter here, I mark the hours

  • There’s my baby Archie out in the snow!!! My kids are in awe that you guys head out in the cold!!! Bet they would love it if they could just get their head around it!!! Anyway… Merry Christmas to you all and wishing you the best happiest fun celebrating… especially to the mom of eight!!! What a special family you are – so far away and yet so dear to my heart!!! Lots of love to all of you from a hot and sunny Cape Town!!!

  • Oh goodness. This is a rare Christmas for us to not have snow. Wish you could send some here (although I admit it was nice since the kids got bikes!) Merry Christmas! Hug each of your little (and big) ones from me.


  • edj

    I want a snowy backyard! *pout*

  • I’ve never seen this! Great photo opp, love it!

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