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Icky ads

Maybe we were being wackadoodles, but we considered the Super Bowl to be a good family bonding opportunity. We had chips, hot and cold dips, spinach puffs, pop, and blankies to keep us cozy. We hunkered down for four hours of All-American FUN!

With the abysmal Broncos nowhere to be seen, we didn’t care about the teams playing in the game. It was more about the funny commercials we promised the kids we’d see. There were a few chuckles from the kids, especially regarding the ad with the chimps fixing the guy’s car. Too bad I can’t remember what the ad was trying to sell.

I realized it wasn’t much of a family fun day when the GoDaddy commercial aired featuring women showering together for three men who were watching them online.

There were several other iffy ads. Hey kids: Doritos massive crunch power will make a woman’s clothes fall off and turn cops into monkeys.

I am a pucker-mouthed prude, I guess. Do the ad agencies or networks that air the ads care that little kids watch the game, too?

Our solution was to turn it off midway through the second quarter. Next year, maybe we’ll go to a movie that afternoon.

26 comments to Icky ads

  • My hubby has a domain name through, and we were so offended by the ads that we’re going to cancel that & go with someone else. Totally tasteless and vulgar.

    jeni’s last blog post..Simple Pleasures

  • Oh phew – I was thinking that I was the only one who snapped the TV off.

    Bonnie’s last blog post..South Beach Update

  • We watched Wipeout, and after the kids were in bed… the House marathon!

  • Unfortunately, it’s not just the superbowl. I get tired of inappropriate ads being run during kids cartoons. I think the rating system they give for kids shows should extend to commercials too! I don’t like my kids to watch Nick Jr. because very often ads are run for shows that run on Nick at night. Try explaining to your 4 year old why those two girls are kissing passionately! I won’t even watch most of the shows geared toward teens! Thank goodness for DVR and the ability to skip commercials. We rarely watch anything live!

    mombrud’s last blog post..Meet the new members of the Family!

  • You’re not a prude. The commercials are ridiculous…everyday, not just during Superbowl. I was aggravated by the KY jelly commercials during various ‘family’ holiday shows at Christmas time. My kids are afraid to turn on the television just long enough to get a video started because they might see a commercial using language they don’t need to hear or seeing images that make them uncomfortable.

    Maybe I’m the prude?

    Nicki’s last blog post..Awakenings

  • I did finish watching the game (good game) but wasn’t all that impressed with the ads this go around either… I guess I’m a pucker mouth prude too… LOL

    Howdy’s last blog post..Sunday’s progress – 4 Patch Stacked Posies

  • You’re not alone, I swore I’d never look at again after that embarrassing and cheap ad.

    Michelle at Scribbit’s last blog post..The Best Write-Away Contest Yet

  • Disgusting ads. Really. I was in a room full of women and even WE were embarrassed.

    Minnesotamom’s last blog post..2009 Goals Update 02.01.09

  • bro-de-mopsy

    Not only that, but the promos that they show (CBS is the worst) during the regular season for their very own shows are appauling. My kids are watching the game and have to sit through CSI commercials with corpses shown floating face down in swimming pools. TV is getting more and more family-unfriendly. Leave the adult content for the adult shows during the adult hours of the day (or night, rather)!

  • Know exactly what you’re talking about. Sadly, that’s the reputation GoDaddy wants. I knew the second the commercial mentioned GoDaddy that we were in for something like that. We instructed the girls to look away, Craig started typing on his computer and I planted myself in front of the TV facing the family.


    The commercials were simply boring. I was so surprised people spent the money they spend just on ad space and not creative ads themselves.


    Megan’s last blog post..7 Quick Takes Friday

  • I couldn’t agree more! The Go Daddy ads and the Doritos ad were especially appauling. But the commercials during the regular season are pretty inappropriate for young audiences too — Viagra, Cialis, and every violent prime time show that the network wants to promote.

    I often ask my husband the same thing — does it not occur to the marketing people that watching football on a Sunday afternoon is a FAMILY activity, not something relegated to men with ED and penchant for violence?


    Shayne’s last blog post..Super Bowl Sunday

  • I didn’t watch the Super Bowl or the commercials, but from what you said, it doesn’t sound like you’re a prude at all … or maybe we can be prudes together.

    Melanie’s last blog post..Potential

  • We didn’t watch, but this is another reason I am glad I didn’t. I wish advertisers would realize that people besides beer-drinking oglers watched football. Really, I wish they’d all realize that just because sex does sell to some people, it offends as many others, and it isn’t needed in commercials.

    Barbara H.’s last blog post..Bible study on women

  • Right there with ya.

    We watched with friends and I was so glad the kids were all playing in another room. Those commercials were so embarrassing, for grownups too.

    Wipeout was way funnier.

    Heth’s last blog post..January. Brrr.

  • We watched the very last 5 minutes of the game, but not many commercials (we exited the channel shortly after the Etrade commercial). Instead, we chose to view a bit of the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet and then the Wipeout marathon.

    It’s not just on the superbowl, although I’m glad I didn’t seem some of those. My boyfriend are 19 and 20, and saving ourselves for marriage. We get so sick of even being tempted by the darn commercials that are aired– why on earth does a woman need to be naked for a deodorant commercial?

    I agree- there should be a rating system for commercials as well.

    kaitlyn’s last blog post..Sunday: Jerusalem.

  • We flipped to Americas Funniest Videos during the commercials. We always flip away from commercials, sometimes to just a blank screen.

    Kristin’s last blog post..Heart

  • Amy

    I was at a Super Bowl party for 6th graders from our church, and fortunately the host knew the godaddy reputation and shut the TV off for those. The Super Bowl is clearly not out for morality points – never has been. I think ever since the Janet Jackson incident, the door was opened for more obscenity.

    Amy’s last blog post..On the Curing Rack: Stress Relief Soap

  • We went to the beach for the afternoon, and had the aquarium practically to ourselves. It was lovely.

    That GoDaddy ad sounds awful!

  • We did a lot of changing channels last night too. Who wants to see all that garbage?

    randi’s last blog post..recipe box swap on thursday!

  • And the networks just can’t figure out why ratings keep dropping lower and lower and lower.

    We watch so little “real” TV these days. We’re pretty much parked on PBS and Noggin. When the kids get too old for “Word Girl” and “Franklin,” the TV goes to the curb.

    Kelly @ Love Well’s last blog post..Dear Punxsutawney Phil

  • Jenny

    No, you’re not a prude. Try watching it with a 16 year old daughter, and then try to let her know in a way that won’t embarrass her that most women don’t really wear underwear like that, and that it won’t really make nice guys like her more if she acts like she’s in a porno movie.

  • Clayjack

    We tried the same thing with our 4 year old and nearly 2 year old. Remote control in hand and on a hair-trigger.

    I didn’t like that everything took FOREVER. The coin toss. The national anthem. The pre-anthem singing of America the Beautiful.

    And then for every commercial we would be prepared to flip channels to find something that wouldn’t frighten or expose our kids to something they shouldn’t see. Except that EVERY channel had something like that on.

    I turned to my wife and said “It’s like a mine field that’s all mines, no field.”

  • We don’t watch the superbowl, but are constantly being HORRIFIED by the ads played at 6 PM on Canadian tv – graphically violent, upsetting ads. Ick.

    Beck’s last blog post..WE Lived!

  • Our kids were in bed by Superbowl time, but I agree about the ads. We rarely watch TV, because of the offensiveness of most commercials – not to mention the offensive content of the shows themselves.

    I guess we’re all just pucker-mouths. At least you’re in good company.

    I didn’t see the “showering” GoDaddy ad, but I did see one about “enhancement” that involved a woman nearly removing her shirt. I was so offended – I didn’t even know what the commercial was for! But my husband guessed it from the first second. Not sure what that says, come to think of it.

    Goslyn’s last blog post..Germs and Snow

  • Mrs. Shannon H.

    That’s why we are ending our satellite tv at the end of this billing cycle. We are fed up and have reached our last straw–the risks far outweigh the benefits. We are going to get our news-when we have to-from a local station website. Maybe one day, enough people will vocalize their protests–just like we are doing here–and the world of media will get the message. Or not.

  • We didn’t watch the Superbowl, and from the sound of things, that’s just as well.

    I did hear about an ad for a dating service though — for MARRIED people. Ugh. I guess it was deemed too offensive for most markets, but it was aired in Texas. (Why they picked one of the most conservative states to show the commercial is beyond my understanding.)

    Sorry for your ruined family party. Hope the snacks and fun continued after the commercials were abandoned. 🙂

    Jamie’s last blog post..January Reads

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