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I still think about baby names

We have no plans for future children, although if I hear the phrase eight is enough one more time, I might have a ninth just to make it go away. There are no snazzy phrase pitfalls for having nine children, are there? Uh, oh.

Baseball team. Everywhere we go, we’ll be asked which one is the catcher. I’ll reply, “The one with the big thighs!” They’ll give me a knowing smile. And then I’ll pull my mask down and crouch.

Anyway, even though I will probably never name another baby, I still think about names.

Names like:


I could lock them away for the day grandchildren begin to appear like magic, years and years and years from now. But then, if I suggest these names, I’ll be in danger of being one of those grandmothers who must interject and interfere.


I was poking around on Nameberry and was surprised to see Beatrix and Archer are hot names for 2011. I was particularly amused by this assessment of Archer:

Nameberry’s Pamela Redmond Satran explained why literary names – and Archer in particular – had become so popular.
She said: ‘Archer, as in Henry James’ Portrait of a Lady and Edith Wharton’s Age of Innocence, is perfect: It’s unusual, classic yet contemporary-feeling, and there’s no danger of anyone actually having read the books.’


I weep. I’ve read both books.

Also, I can confirm that our Archer is unusual, classic, and has a contemporary feel.

Wearing my shades and a Diego diaper on his head

12 comments to I still think about baby names

  • OH. I campaigned SO HARD for Lila for AJ. We ended up with Aliza and though Kyle swore she would never be “Liza,” she most certainly is called that quite a bit. And then Liza gets shortened affectionately to “Li-Li” (long I), so I almost got my Lila, I guess.

    I think of baby names all the time, too. It’s so dreamy and beautiful, isn’t it? Such an important thing.

  • Amy

    I’ve read both those books too. 🙂

    My hubby and I could never seem to come up with any girl’s names. When I was pregnant, we only had one boy’s name picked out. Thankfully that was all we needed. When we were trying, albeit unsuccessfully, to have more children, we still couldn’t agree on any girl’s names. Oscar was always one of our favorites if we ever had another boy.

  • Oh the picture! I really did laugh out loud. We have pictures of our kids with swim diapers on their heads. I still think of names too, even though we (hope, pray, wonder) think we will not have any more kids. (Can you tell that is an unsettled question in my heart?) If our last baby had been a girl the name would have been Charlotte. My husband would have called her Charlie. We got a boy (Benjamin) and so we don’t have a Charlie. That makes me a little sad. Anyway, I will always consider baby names I think.

  • I think up names for imaginary babies I will never have, too! Apparently 4 was not enough for me! If we ever did get blessed enough to have a 5th, I am sure I would have to give it an incredibly long name so that I could get a few more of these names out of my system. That way I will not have to be “that” Grandmother!

  • edj

    I still think up baby names and my “babies” are 14! 😉 I love your names. And hey, I’ve read those books too!
    I won’t dare suggest them to my kids for grandkids though. There is no better way to ensure they don’t use your fav names. I am already trying to resign myself to having grandchildren with horrible names. Hopefully then I’ll be pleasantly surprised when the time finally comes 😉

  • oh, we have talked about this. my top two girl names last time were susannah and sylvie. i also really like lewis, but we have a clark. ha.

  • Ha! Aren’t names fun? Rosalind was on our list, as well as Sylvia. LOVE your babies’ names, and actually was on the verge of emailing you a few nights before Phoebe was born to get your take. 🙂

    Yes. I heard that Beatrix and Archer were hot names for 2011. Oddly enough, your babies are the only ones I know with those names!

    If foster son becomes ours, we will have another naming conundrum. Scott hates naming, I love it…

  • p.s. If we ever have another biological child, you will see me on Oprah.

  • Mom

    I’m glad you told me who the unusual and classic while contemporary character is in the picture. Unique, also!

  • Me too! I’ve tried to figure out a way I could launch a career as a professional baby namer! I’d consider going through morning sickness again just for a shot at using my unused favorites: Schaeffer and Cordelia.

  • I could totally see you with an Arlo!!! I love all your kids’ names.


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