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I paid my sons 50 cents each to watch Mary Poppins

Tommy and Joel thought it would be boring. It had singing and dancing and a lady with an umbrella.

Guess who loved Mary Poppins? Guess who debates if supercalifragilisticexpealidocious is in the dictionary? Guess who thinks the life of a chimney sweep must be lucky as lucky can be?

I bribed my children to get them to watch a classic and do not regret having to take such drastic measures. Shoot me with Admiral Boom’s cannon, I don’t care. I knew they’d like it, but I couldn’t force them to watch the movie. It was important to me they saw it in their early-enough childhood. A five-year-old who has Feed the Birds tumbling around in his heart is a good thing and a joy forever.

I had to appeal to their empty pockets. Jingle jangle, life’s a little more rich.

11 comments to I paid my sons 50 cents each to watch Mary Poppins

  • Tuppence a bag.

    Good call mom. It’s a classic.
    .-= Heth´s last blog ..Boochies =-.

  • One of my favorites. You should have given them a spoonful of sugar and saved for you quarters.
    .-= Anonymouse´s last blog ..funny stuff =-.

  • I made Sage listen to the cd. Next is the movie. 50 cents seems a low price to pay!
    .-= Kristin´s last blog ..Saying Goodbye =-.

  • 50 cents is a low, low price.
    My kids don’t get movies very much, so I can put on pretty much anything right now and they still think it’s a treat.
    You can see it dawning in my oldest, however, that some things we watch are for me. Uh oh.
    .-= Beck´s last blog ..I Watch Them So You Don’t Have To =-.

  • Inspired by this post, I went to see if I cold watch Mary Poppins by instant download on Netflix. Alas, no. A trip to the actual factual video store may be in order.

    Movies I would bribe my daughter to watch, if I ever had to:

    Charlotte’s Web (the old version, NOT the Dakota Fanning monstrosity)


    The Princess Bride
    .-= Rose´s last blog ..Bed is too small for my tiredness… =-.

  • I would do the same (and might!)

    We’ve been watching Leave it to Beaver evey night together as a family. I love it.

    .-= Adventures In Babywearing´s last blog ..A Great Day For Up =-.

  • Gretchen

    Steph—I ADORE Leave it Beaver, especially the episodes when Beaver is little. We watched a marathon one afternoon and the boys loved it—especially the one with the go-cart when Beaver gets the ticket and Wally goes to court with him. And the one with the chihuahua. Oh, and Beaver in the soup bowl. And when Beaver lost the haircut money and cut his own hair…

    They are the best.

  • Beckie

    Funny! What a good idea…paying them to watch it! I think I’ll try that with my teenage daughter and a few books that I want her to read. She doesn’t want to read some of the old faves that I read when I was young because she says they’ll be boring. But I know she’ll like them. Hmmmmmm. A little money for mall shopping ought to do it! 🙂

  • bro-de-mopsy

    Tuppence for kids to watch the movie. 😀

    We got the boys to watch it, though it wasn’t a battle.

  • It’s tangible encouragement and very worthwhile.

  • Inkling

    Next try Chitty-chitty Bang-bang? My twelve-year-old loves that. And we discovered to my shock that National Velvet was a big hit too.

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