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How to leave a comment on a blog

1. Interesting.
2. Good post.
3. Meh.
4. I agree and (share personal related anecdote)
5. I disagree and (share personal related anecdote)
6. Cute kid!
7. Are those eyebrows or caterpillars?
8. Preach it!
9. You, madam, are an idiot.
10. I remember that book/song/video/story/vintage Happy Meal toy.
11. That piece of media is one of my favorites.
12. That piece of media gives me nightmares and I will be sending you the bill for my expensive prescription sleep aid.
13. I concur.
14. My standing order is a grande skinny pumpkin spice latte. Now I await gingerbread.
15. I don’t drink coffee.
16. Disposable.
17. Ewwwww.
18. I can pass the pencil test.
19. LOL.
20. ROFL.
21. I am bookmarking this recipe!
22. Your arteries must be the size of a baby elephant’s trunk.
23. I substitute everything with soy.
24. Circuses are not my cup of tea.
25. Pick me! Pick me!
26. You made me cry.
27. You made me laugh.
28. You made me chuck a mug of cocoa at my fireplace.
29. Pick me! Pick me!
30. If I won your contest, I would chose the red one.
31. I find health care reform to be a complicated issue.
32. I plead the 5th.
33. Sleep > Sex
34. Warm milk works for me.
35. Suave is just as good as the pricier shampoos.
36. I was always partial to Cookie Monster, so I mourn his metamorphosis into a wuss.
37. My daughter hates dresses. You are lucky.
38. I missed your posts.
39. Good luck with the big move!
40. My mansion in heaven will be furnished by Anthropologie.
41. I’ve always wondered how throw pillows can be so expensive.
42. Pick me! Pick me!
43. I love that photo.
44. Your cakes makes me swoon.
45. A tropical island, yo.
46. Enchiladas are my fave!
47. I was up in the middle of the night, too. You should have texted me.
48. A-men.
49. Ugh, birthday parties ARE overdone these days.
50. Just wanted to say hi and encourage you today.

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