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Hot dog

steph_and_joel.jpgYou know someone is special when, having only met her an hour earlier, she is graciously allowing one’s three-year-old son to spit chewed hot dog into her open palm.

That special-someone was Stephanie, who wears her babies adventurously. I was blessed to meet her this past Friday in Boulder. Stephanie, her husband, and their three boys were vacationing in Colorado, not far from where we live.

We met and it was like seeing an old friend. She is as sweet, pretty, funny, and gracious as her blog represents. If you are an Adventures in Babywearing fan, know you are reading the words of someone authentic. We met at an outdoor mall. After watching my kids (hers were with their daddy at her aunt’s home) romp around on an outdoor play area, we strolled for a bit and then had lunch. Joel somehow ended up being seated next to her. It was in the middle of our lunch when he decided he had a problem with his hot dog. Like the professional she is, she quickly grabbed a napkin and didn’t bat an eyelash when he spat it into her hand.

Thank you, Stephanie. I’m so glad I met you.

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