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Lifenut is turning three this weekend. I’ve been doing this thing for that long?

I’ve never been so devoted to a hobby. Embroidery, scrapbooking, stamp collecting—all have enjoyed the warmth of my casual devotion for a season or two, then I move on. Sometimes, I feel like moving on. I hate that my ego is forever snarled in something so ultimately unimportant.

Some people who share this hobby approach it like a job or something they are being graded on. I will never, ever look at Lifenut as a job. I am not obligated to write and you are not obligated to read. So I thank whomever is out there, reading. I realize I am not the funniest, nicest, Most Christian, craftiest, emotionally-stirring, profound, friendly person who does this particular hobby. So I have no clue why you come. Unless you are my mom.

Hi, mom.

*certain people will note I made it through an entire post with mentioning the evil “B” word…

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