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Hi, Five

Beatrix Violet, sixth baby, second girl, force of nature, lover of foxes and owls and purple, singer of songs, mixer of cakes, creator of Golden, princess of castles, Hello Kitty’s bff, Little Big Planet whiz, is 5 today.

Her last 5 years, in review:

Beatrix's first birthday, the aftermath

Bea Birthday #1 with big bros Tommy and Sam

Birthday #2 and quite contrary

She had a blast that day...

Smile. She's 3!

Wheee! Threee!

Finally four!

...A girly-girl who isn't afraid of dirty-dirt...

I wrote about her dramatic entrance into the world here.

Happy Birthday to Beatrix.

4 comments to Hi, Five

  • Happy Birthday little one, you are the sweetest little Bea in all the world!!! Hope you have a great year…full of wonderful fun and adventures… and learning lots of stuff at school!!! Lots of love from your friends in Cape Town!!!

  • Love her. And I think I have been reading your blog since she was born, yes? Wow.


  • Happy Birthday, Bea!

    Gretchen, your sweet comments on my blog have been a blessing. Thank you!

  • Rachael in Australia

    My second daughter was also born on September 8. (Though, she was number 2 – she now has another 2 sisters and 2 brothers). We celebrated her 13th birthday with a huge costume party. Happy birthday Beatrix.

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