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Hey toothfairies

What do you do with the teeth?

I was cleaning out my dresser. As I sorted through the junk, I realized I have 16 baby teeth, so far. With six kids and twenty teeth per kid, that adds up to 120 teeth I could possibly have someday.

Do you throw them out? Keep the first tooth for each child? It never occured to me to throw them away. I don’t keep other parts of their bodies that fall out or off. In most cases, that would be just gross. So why is it hard to throw those pearly slivers away?

13 comments to Hey toothfairies

  • Oh, I have yet to start the journey of lost teeth… but will soon- Noah is one of the only ones in his class with all his baby teeth still. I can’t wait to hear the suggestions!


    Adventures In Babywearing’s last blog with a two year old

  • We took care of this early by really losing the first two that came out – as they were coming out. Totally and completely gone. Our kids know we’re the toothfairy (I’m known as the Toothfairy Mama) and they usually want their teeth back after the fun of getting the under-the-pillow surprise, so we give them the care of their own teeth.

    That usually takes care of things – they lose them themselves. 🙂

    Megan’s last blog post..I Understand

  • Still have a couple years before the Toothfairy comes to our house (barring some unfortunate accident), but I remember when I was a teenager my mom showed me a collection of my baby teeth. I was super grossed out, and she said I could throw them out if I wanted to. I did. Fifteen years later I have no regrets about that decision 🙂

  • I do keep them. I have a Tiffany & Co box that I keep them in, tied with their white ribbon on my dresser.

    misty’s last blog post..I don’t want a lot for Christmas…

  • Jenn

    I had quite a collection going for a while, but I lost track of who’s teeth were who’s, and then went down the whole “do I keep other body parts” thought pattern. I tossed them. LOL! No more teeth in my underwear drawer. 😀

  • Straight to the trash.

    Heth’s last blog post..Tip

  • Keep them. I keep having dreams where I lose my teeth. Maybe you can sell them to me on Ebay?

    Rach’s last blog must win out

  • ShackelMom

    With seven kids? Oh yeah, I had a little bottle in my undies drawer with, what, 15 teeth in it? I thought maybe I could make a really unique necklace from them… but found out from a friend with a tiny dental drill that they are very fragile and crack easily. So they stayed there for years. I am not that sentimental but those baby teeth went with us on every move until I started having grandkids. Then I realized that it was ridiculous to keep those teeth any longer. The little bottle now holds small, white buttons.

  • My boys have yet to loose their baby teeth as well but I will only keep the first one.

  • Ew, gross. I throw them away, immediately. I’m not that nostalgic about old bones.

    Little curls of baby hair, however, are a different story.

    Jenni’s last blog post..Chapped

  • Well, we lost the first one immediately too. The others have gone into the trash. Teeth are one of the things that gross me out.

    I’m a teacher, and kiddos are always trying to get me to pull their teeth. Ewwwww! I always say “That’s your mama’s job!” But I’ve known many teachers who like to pull teeth.

    Bethany’s last blog post..Pitiful Pumpkin

  • amy

    The tooth fairy left my teeth when I was a kid. I felt strongly that they should stay with me. My baby teeth kicked around in my ballerina jewelry box for many years, but I eventually lost track.

  • Nathan is making a necklace!

    nutmeg’s last blog post..The Love We Give Away?

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