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He doesn’t miss a trick or ever lose a beat

Timmy Sheep CakeShaun the Sheep Cake

Archie turned 2 on January 5th.

Yesterday, we had a party for him. The theme was Shaun the Sheep. Our whole family fell in love with Shaun the Sheep while I was on bedrest. I think we’ve watched every episode on Netflix dozens of times.

Because we were expecting a big crowd, I made two cakes. Here’s a coconut Timmy with his signature pacifier. It’s supposed to be yellow, but the store didn’t have yellow. Beatrix wondered how we were going to eat the pacifier. Archie couldn’t wait to snag it off the cake.

The big cake represents cheeky Shaun, who turned out a little more plump than I planned. Marshmallows aren’t slimming.

I couldn’t write on the cake, so I wrote the pertinent data on parchment paper with black piping gel. I was happy with how it looked.

Shaun and Timmy’s faces and ears were made of store-bought chocolate muffins, which I carved into the proper shapes.

The legs are Oreo Funstix. I broke them in half for Timmy. Shaun is a leggy lamb. Someday, he might taste delicious with mint jelly and rosemary.

Archie was delighted.

Archie is a supernova. He is energetic, bright, hysterical, animated, curious. He is one of those people who bursts with energy and life. I often catch myself staring at him in wonder as he does something simple, like eat a pear or try on shoes. Maybe it’s because he had such a shaky start?

I am excited for the coming year. Kids change dramatically between 2 and 3 and I am blessed and humbled to be along for the ride for the seventh time. It never gets old.

How could it?

20 comments to He doesn’t miss a trick or ever lose a beat

  • Melanie

    Adorable cakes, adorable boy. Happy 2nd birthday, Archie!

  • Love the cakes! Archie is so adorable.

  • jenni

    I never get tired of it, either. Happy birthday, Archie!

  • LOVE the cakes!! Happy Birthday, Archie!!

  • edj

    Happy Birthday Archie!! I love the glasses and am in awe of the cakes! You rock, Gretchen. Also, although I have a smaller family, I don’t see how it could grow old either.

  • Harmony

    You continue to astound me. Those cakes are marvelous. Happy Birthday to Archie!

  • Those cakes are AWESOME! Love Shaun the sheep!

  • The cakes turned out so cool! What’s not to love??? That Archie is one lucky boy. But then I’ll bet he already knows that.

  • Shelley

    Is this what you thought you bit off more than you could chew? the cakes look fabulous! we have not seen any episodes of Shaun the sheep. I know him from Wallace and Grommit Close Shave. 🙂 Not many people say they “like” the ride for the 2s. I guess it is better than 3s. 😉

  • Happy Birthdsy Archie! I think he and Levi would be great buds. I love that last pic of him with the glasses.

  • He is adorable. Nice cakes–my kids may never know about birthday cakes other than sheet cakes with very basic frosting writing. I hope his next year is absolutely delightful for everyone.

  • Your cakes always amaze me. I think I will be checking out Shaun the Sheep, too. Haven’t heard of it. Anja is in love with Kipper.

  • Amy

    I love these cakes! The picture of Archie with the glasses… adorable.

  • how is he 2? and, is there anything you DON’T do awesomely?

    a list, perhaps?

  • Love it! And I’m very impressed — your cakes are amazing! We’re big fans of Shaun the Sheep around here — he’s a permanent fixture on our DVR.

  • Oh, I LOVE these cakes! They are SO cute! Happy Birthday to that darling Archie. I can hardly believe it’s been two years since his dramatic entrance into the world.

    I love the language development of two-year-olds. It is so fascinating.

  • happy birthday sweet archie! i love that he and clark share a birthday. just two years apart, how can that be? like you said, 2-3 is such a huge change, and 3-4 turns them into skinny kids. that cake almost makes me feel guilty for buying a grocery store cake and sticking some star wars people on the top. 🙂

  • Joy

    Happy Birthday Archie! The cakes are adorable- my daughter just looked over my shoulder and she knew exactly who they were, and we have never even watched an episode, but perhaps we will check it out!

  • Oh Archie Boy, Happy Belated birthday… you are simply the cutest thing on earth and have a place in my heart forever!!! We spent your birthday outdoors in the sunshine eating watermelon!!! Love the glasses!!! Hope your next year is bright and breezy and packed with lots of love and fun…

    Sorry I am late for some reason I haven’t been able to get to your blog… and suddenly today you were back – kapow!!! So good to see you again!!! Archie shares a birthday with my sister so I won’t ever forget it!!!

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