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Happy New (School) Year!

Four of the kids just finished their first week of school. New classes, new-to-them teachers, so much newness. Yet, there’s a bunch of oldness, too. Same old backpacks, same lunch bags, same shaggy summer hair. These oversights might be corrected this weekend. We had to plow through these supply lists, first:


Our four K-8 kids!

KING OF THE SCHOOL, aka 8th Grader

But summer isn’t over just because some of my kids must raise their hands to go to the bathroom now, or fight locker combinations. Some of us are still basking in the warmth, gathering the echinacea while we may.

Life is Good

The school week ended with craned necks. We broke out some binoculars and headed to a nearby park to watch the Friday Night Twilight (non-vampire) Airshow at nearby Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport.

Aidan watching a B-29 named FIFI fly by

Watching formations

Colorado sunset, no filter needed!

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