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Happy Birthday to Hubby, Love Shakespeare


Who is it in the press that calls on me?
I hear a tongue shriller than all the music
Cry “Caesar!” Speak. Caesar is turned to hear.


Beware the ides of March.


What man is that?


A soothsayer bids you beware the ides of March.

Poor hubby. Whenever he mentions that his birthday is March 15th any somewhat educated in Shakespeare person is bound to say “Oh, beware the ides of March!” I have to admit it was the first thing I thought when he told me his birthday was March 15th, but then again I was an English Literature major. I am expected to be geeky.

He has nothing to fear from this day, however. It is just the anniversary of his first breath. While I was still riding around in my mom’s tummy waiting for my first breath just three months later, he was already charming all around him with his big blue eyes and sunny smile. Thirty-something years later he is still making it his mission in life to help others, brighten the lives of those around him, and to make a decent loaf of sourdough bread from scratch.

Happy birthday, sweets.

3 comments to Happy Birthday to Hubby, Love Shakespeare

  • bro-de-mopsy

    Lee, you are a wonderful husband and father. I couldn’t have asked for better for my sister….so, when do we get to try some of that sourdough? Happy Birthday!

  • Momofmopsy

    Happy B-day, Lee. We’re coming next week. I can smell the sour dough already! Wish we were there now to sing a very off key “Happy Bithday” to you. God Bless.

  • Uncle Jim

    Hey man I certainly hope you had a wonderful Birthday!

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