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Halloween 2010

Presenting the Class of 2010.

This year’s crop features a Prom Queen, The Shadow, a Grandfather Clock, a Cowboy with his horse Drastic Measures, a Lion, a Black Fashion Princess Cat, and a Giraffe. If you are counting, that is only 7 costumed kids. The eighth, baby Teddy, managed to dodge the costume craziness for this year only. Next year, he’ll be stuffed into something fuzzy, itchy, hot, and totally adorable.

9 comments to Halloween 2010

  • Mom

    I wish they could have come to our door.

  • Adorable!! Everyone looks great.

  • I love the grandfather clock!

  • Oh my goodness but those kids of yours are so good at this and the art of disguise!!! They really are such a cute and creative bunch!!! We don’t celebrate Halloween over here at all… like nothing, nobody roaming the streets trick or treating, like “What’s that?”!!! But I think my kids would really have fun whipping up some costumes, they could indeed go for the whole thing!!!

  • Kristin

    Those are the cutest! Do they come up with them on their own?

  • Shayne

    That has to be the cutest giraffe I ever did see!

    And I’m loving the name of the horse. I once had a toy horse that I named “Memory.” To this day, neither my parents nor I have any idea where that came from!

  • The Lifenut family Halloween Costume post is one of the things I look forward to all year. How did I miss this until just now?! Everyone looks fabulous!

  • OK, I have thought this for a really really long time…Beatrix looks like she could be Ashton Kutcher’s child…i think it’s the high cheekbones!!!!!! Go look at a picture of him and tell me I’m wrong!

    (I know you are laughing right now…)

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