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Golden girl

My daughter does not know it, but she is getting a pair of bright pink size 3 Crocs for her birthday in a little over two weeks. This involves major backpeddling and pride-swallowing on my part. I once vowed Crocs would never cross our threshold, unless they were on some unfortunate soul’s soles. Part of my bias against Crocs stems from the fact we live in Crocland, extremely near the headquarters. Every man, woman, and child in our neck of the woods wears them. They’ve been around for years and I thought they would have faded away by now. But no—now there is special jewelry and other attachments to jazz up Crocs.

My heart is softening toward the spongy things, partially because so many nice people sing the praises of Crocs. Julie, at Everyday Mommy, just awarded the Golden Croc to me. I appreciate her thoughtfulness and her sense of humor. I’ll proudly display it on my virtual mantle.

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  • Bravo, bravo. For what it’s worth, I don’t own a pair of Crocs and don’t get what all the hoopla is about. I think they’re ugly and I didn’t think they felt overly comfortable when I tried one on. Except, of course the one you received from Jules–it is beautiful.

  • Congrats to you, came over from EM.

    My daughter wants a pair too (she is 10). I have always thought that they were not the most attractive shoe in the preverbial shoe closet, but I guess that they are just all the rage. Eveybody wants a pair. I am always a little late in the fashion game so maybe oneday I will get us a pair!
    Love you blog by the way, Jules made a great choice.

  • All the “in” mamas on campus were sporting pairs last year and I totally said I would NEVER NEVER own a pair. Then I went to my sister’s and she had some and I tried them on and well, they were pretty comfy to me. Super comfy. I now own a pair of bright blue ones… *pride swallowed* I do continue to insist they are ugly. Whenever anyone asks me about them, I’m all, “I know, I know. These are the ugliest shoes in the world. But I like ’em!”


  • What? No, say it isn’t so. Tell me you have not yielded to the ugly croc wearing shoe crowd. Was it your daughter’s pleading that brought you to this place? Surely you could find her a prettier pink sandal or shoe…sigh…you’ll have to take a pic and let us know if she loves them or not.

    I’ve not had anyone in this house remotely close to going over that edge. But last Christmas I had to yield to those fuzzy shoe/slipper things that DID get worn to school.

  • The nurses at our hospital wear them in teal, to match their scrubs.

    I’m sure Aidan will love them. They’re pink! What’s not to love?!

  • Yeah, I backpedalled, too. I commented on your original post, and now my DH, one son, my daughter and I all own them. For me, I bought them as gardening shoes, and I figured I could also use them for “regular” shoes if I wanted to. I tend to still prefer my Birks, but I have been seen in those large shoes around town!

    As for DD3, she adores her bright pink ones, and I have to admit they are cute on her little feet! Hope your daughter enjoys them just as much!!

  • goslyn

    Congrats on the Golden Croc award! It’s well deserved.

    And I’m sure Aidan will enjoy her big pink ugly shoes. 🙂

  • I’m totally clueless here. What are crocs? Are they like the equivalent of Jellies from the 80’s? I loved my Jellies, so I’m sure she will love her pink Crocs…whatever they are.

  • In a couple of years they’ll go the way of the “Powder Jacket” or the POP Swatch. (How many of those did you have)?

  • mopsy

    Thanks, everyone.

    LOL@ Goslyn’s comment. “Big pink ugly shoes” is right.

    Beth: go to for an eye-opening, jaw-dropping education.

  • Dear God those are hideous. I’m sure she’ll love them, and perhaps you could get yourself a matching pair. That would be SUPER CUTE:)

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