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My dear sister-in-law, apparent ex-blogger Nini and now mom-of-three, had a cute belief as a kid. She thought boys gulped and girls “gilped”. I am gilping.

A Perfect PostMary at Owlhaven tapped me for an April 2006 “Perfect Post Award” for The monster at the end. It’s about fear and sometimes consuming worry that strikes pregnant women when they’ve had a previous pregnancy loss or losses. If you are new to Lifenut, I am currently in my mid-second trimester with our sixth child. We had two pregnancy losses in 2005.

Thanks, Mary. For the complete list of awarded posts for April of 2006, visit Petroville.

5 comments to Gilp

  • Mopsy, that was one of my favorite posts of yours. In fact, as a result, I picked up the book at the library for my fearful four-year-old son!

  • Wow! You deserve the award! I’m all choked up.

    I know that feeling. I’ve feared the monster too. After a stillborn son and a miscarriage, my pregnancy with my third daughter was the scariest 9 months of my life. Even after she was born perfectly healthy, the monster kept haunting me. She’s four years old now, and every once in awhile, I still sense this pending doom – that she could be so easily snatched away from me.

    My prayers to you and your monster.

  • Congratulations, Gretch!

  • No need to gilp. This was well deserved, Monster at the End was a beautiful post.

  • I agree. Well deserved indeed. Congratulations!

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