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Fly girls

yes, Aidan, mommy is wearing a girdleAidan and I are leaving blinkingly early tomorrow morning. We are going on a whirlwind mother-daughter adventure, a Christmas present given to us by hubby. Aidan will experience her first flight. I will experience my first time flying with a child.

We are packing very, very, very cute clothes. One of us has actually squealed with delight whilst packing. The clothes are that stinking cute. I need to brush up on how much to tip to various service individuals. I need to figure out a map of the destination-city’s rapid transit system. I’d like to get from Point Amazing to Point Bewildering with as little time and expense left in our touristy, gawky wake. We don’t have a lot of time to waste, with tickets and reservations to honor.

I think we are both a little nervous. She’s never flown and has a lot of questions about the jet (“is there power while the airplane is flying?”). I’m worried I will somehow screw up and we will find ourselves in a bus station in Cleveland. I realize I’ve been pretty cryptic about where we are going…

We are not going to Cleveland.

I’ll have all the fun details on Sunday or Monday.

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