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Extremely summer

so long, summer

A lump formed in my right big toe on the day Sammy was born. Over the past five years it has slowly travelled up my leg, into my torso, and now it has reached my throat where it is starting to swell. He begins Kindergarten in less than 24 hours.

The kiddos head back to school tomorrow. It is a good thing and a bad thing. I welcome the return of the daily routine. I will miss the freedom.

Summer is over. I know the calendar and the Equator don’t kick summer to the curb until September 21, but I show it the door the night before school begins. We still wear shorts, we still eat popsicles, we still turn on the sprinklers. But our outlook changes. The air changes.

I will remember the summer of 2005 as a time of delirious joy and blinding pain. We moved into a new home, a dream come true. We lost a baby (or babies, depending on which hemisphere the ultrasound tech hails from).

High on the mountaintop, crawling through a valley…simultaneously, we breathed the air of both. And I bid this chapter farewell.

Goodbye, summer.

5 comments to Extremely summer

  • So sad. Even with the excitment of school beginning and the relief of routine, it is always sad when summer ends.

  • rossmomma

    School starts here next week, and I share your mixed emotions. We try not to bid summer farewell until Labor Day in these parts (especially since it didn’t start this year until sometime in July), but it’s really never the same once that big yellow bus starts rolling again.

    I hope Sammy has a wonderful first day (and year) in Kindergarten.

  • Shayne

    Hope Sammy has a wonderful time in Kindergarten this yaer and that his first day goes smoothly. It has indeed been a summer of highs and lows for you. Thanks for sharing it with us through your blog.

  • Big hugs to both you and Sammy on the first day of school. May his school year be filled with amazing discoveries!

  • Julana

    Our son starts second grade next week, and I’m sure I’ll cry agan.

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