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Campbell’s Condensed Tomato Soup + circle shaped noodles = Spaghettios

3 comments to Epiphany

  • holly

    Somehow reading it this way sounds less appealing….somehow. Is it really that simple?? LOL!

  • Hope you don’t O.D. on them. Speedy recovery! (Instead of speedy delivery…that will come in due time.)

  • mopsy

    How I made this critically important discovery: Aidan ate Spaghettios for lunch. I ate/drank Campbell’s Tomato soup. As I was scooping, I noticed they smelled identical, so I tasted both and they are the same. Except for the “o” noodles.

    I was thunderstruck. But it was a weird day for me, so don’t think I am usually thunderstruck by such discoveries.

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