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Elk run rampant

The headline of today’s Rocky Mountain News, circulation 800,000, is “Elk run rampant”. I love living in a place where shrubbery-eating elk are the top news story. Of course Denver has its share of crime like any major city and many times the news reflects the dark side of society. I know how blessed I am to live where elk can run rampant. As long as they stay away from my mums.
On Friday I helped chaperone Aidan’s class field trip, called “A Day Out in Denver”. I led Aidan and two other little girls around the sights, sounds, and smells of downtown Denver. We were dropped at Civic Center park in the morning and were told to meet at Union Station in the afternoon. We were given a guide book but a lot of freedom to explore. I was also given a medical kit consisting of a bandaid and a pair of latex gloves, which I used immediately after we got off the bus. One of the little girls had a scab on her arm that ripped open when it got caught on another child’s backpack. After I patched her owie and dried her tears we set off to explore.

Their favorite part of the Denver adventure was riding the free shuttle buses on the Sixteenth Street Mall. I tried to steer us toward walking as much as possible, so they could get the full effect of the city. Aidan and one of the other girls got pigeon droppings all over their notebooks when they set them down to write observations of the urban: pigeon poop stinks! buses stink! alleys stink!

We walked and I tried pointing out the historic and interesting architecture listed in the guide. They were too busy noticing Subway, Sonic, McDonald’s, Quiznos, Jamba Juice, Burger King, Ben and Jerry’s, Panda Express, P.F. Chang’s, Noodles & Co., Falafel King, Qdoba, Steak Escape, Taco Bell, the Hard Rock Cafe, the Great Harvest Bread Company, various delis, sidewalk cafes, and hot dog stands.

It was fun seeing Denver through their eyes. They were creeped out by a wig store, enchanted with sidewalk musicians, invigorated by bus rides, grossed out each time we walked by an alley, and exhausted by the time we were due at historic Union Station.

hee haw arapahoe

moo oh, give me a home

5 comments to Elk run rampant

  • It sounds like a lovely city with lots of great places to eat! Glad you al had fun.

  • Sounds like a great adventure. I’m trying to figure out if the children noticed the food shops because of the food or because they are the victims of vicious marketing techniques. It’s amazing how young children are in tune with brands. Glad you had fun.

  • What a cool field trip! It’s always interesting to see something you’re already familiar with through the eyes of children.

  • Russ Eldredge

    Sounds like great fun! I need to do that with my girls in our own town; it would be a great way to get out and learn about our surroundings a bit more.

  • Sounds like a fun time! LOL at all the places to eat they pointed out! My kids would have been begging to eat at all of them, too!

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