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Dr. Joel, Medicine Lad

This took me back to my childhood days, when I’d spend hours reading my mother’s college anatomy and dental textbooks. Really. I could perform a root canal on your upper left central incisor right now AND point to your appendix.

Joel shares my interest in anatomy. This morning, he drew this:


And just like anatomy books, I added labels based on what he told me during the lecture.

Fig. 1: The brain

Fig. 2: Umbilical cords

Fig. 3: Eyeballs

Fig. 4: Mouth

Fig. 5: Red apple

Fig. 6: Lungs!

Fig. 7: Heart

note: The lungs are like bread, the heart is like turkey, so it is like a sandwich

Fig. 8: Muscles

Fig. 9: Those things that are in your back

Fig. 10: Stomach

Fig. 11: The tubes that take poop and pee to your bottom

Fig. 12: The toilet

Fig. 13: Water

Fig. 14: More water

Fig. 15: Green apple

Fig. 16: Butt

Fig. 17: Bones

Test on Monday.

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