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Dixie Cups

Sometime soon I will go to the store for Dixie Cups. I decided to taste-test my Jones Soda Holiday Pack. I am also hoping to recruit others* to help me and give their opinions.

As of this moment, 60 votes were cast. Drink! received 47 votes, Don’t! garnered 13 votes.

I will probably do the taste test this weekend, hoping the cold I have will be gone by then. I certainly don’t want my opinion of Brussels Sprout Soda to be clouded by a foggy nose.

Thanks to everyone who played along and voted.

*hubby, eldest child (for multi-generational opinion and because she’ll try anything and won’t be shy with her opinion), anyone else who volunteers…

6 comments to Dixie Cups

  • Waiting on the edge of my seat to hear how it goes. I epecially can’t wait to hear Aidan’s comments.

  • Oooh, I can’t wait! If I lived nearby, I’d consider volunteering to participate, though I might have to skip the brussels sprout one.

  • Sounds fun, Mopsy! I think I may try to find some of my own-the bottle labels are great. I thought the holiday pack would be a fun thing for a get-together although, honestly, Brussel Sprout sounds gross!!! Please post your results and the opinions of your taste-testers!

  • I’m not sure I would be brave enough to test. I’ve never been able to try the Harry Potter Jelly Beans either (grass, booger, vomit flavored – ick!)

  • Julana

    My sister and her son discovered Jones on vacation and have drunk it every since. I’ve never tasted it. Wondering what the big deal is. 🙂

  • Of course, I’ll be looking for it (just to look, not to buy) while in Target over the next few months.

    Did you buy one to keep?

    You must wait until the cold is over so you can enjoy the bouquet of flavors that is brussel sprout soda.

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