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Completely fluffy, but I am curious:

like a foamy green sweet pickle
Are Crocs popular where you live? Every man, woman, and child in the Denver Metro area is currently sporting a pair of Crocs and I was wondering if it is a goofy local thing (like being a Broncos fan or pretending you’re an expert skier) or a national/international phenomenon.

I think they are hideously ugly and refuse to buy a pair. Mel at Actual Unretouched Photo wrote on being cool. Or not. It made me think of the current “cool” footwear in my corner of the world and my uncool unCroc’d feet.

If you own Crocs and love them, let me know why. What is the attraction?

36 comments to Crocs

  • Shayne

    I’ve never seen these before! I agree that they don’t appear to be the most attractive footwear I’ve seen, but they look like they could be comfy. Interested to hear from real live Croc wearers!

  • We’re in a very small southern town, and they’re becoming quite popular here. Ironically it is the adult crowd who is wearing them. The teenagers won’t touch them! Personally, I don’t own them–I only buy shoes with really great arch support, and I have plenty of those at the moment! And I tend to only buy shoes that de-emphasize my large feet and that can go with everything I own, not bright colored shoes that only match one thing in my closet and that are so bright, my boats-for-feet are the only things you’d notice about me anyway!

  • Tanya

    I have never seen them before either, I wonder if it’s a local thing, or maybe I’m too oblivious to have noticed them? But so far I haven’t seen them.

  • Stacey

    No no no!!! I’m so glad I’m not the only one who does not get this trend!
    They are a big trend where I live too (Nebraska). Every one wears them and they are hideous! My mom has a pair and she says they are soooo comfy, but I don’t care, they look horrific!

  • ROFL…my 16 year old niece has a pair and I think they are the ugliest things I have ever seen! I kept thinking “what’s up with those gardening clogs she’s wearing, she’s usually such a trendy little thing”. Now I feel old and square…(but really glad I don’t have to wear horrifically ugly shoes to be young and hip!!).

  • Heather (thequeenbeam)

    I’m with Edie. The first time I saw them, all I could think of was gardening galoshes. Although I love gardening, I’m not a huge fan of galoshes, so no, I don’t own a pair either. The funny thing is how everyone says they are so comfy. They sure don’t look comfy to me!

  • I see them quite often in my area. As I told Mel in response to her “cool” post, I am no fashion expert. I own a pair of winter Birkenstocks and a pair of summer Birkenstocks (which most people find quite ugly but they surely have never felt how comfy they are!). I am a “function over fashion” gal for sure. Since I find the Crocs unattractive I will give them the benefit of the doubt for comfort as I would like the same respect bestowed upon my beloved Birks!

  • Meagon

    I’ve never seen these before and if I had, I certainly wouldn’t buy them, but then again…..there isn’t much about me that is stylish! They actually look like they would hurt and my feet are sweating just thinking about wearing them!

  • Yvonne

    Never saw them but there are sooo many trends in my area, I’m on the east coast in Jersey City that I may not have noticed. But in my little world, no, I have never seen them and hope I don’t any time soon.

  • Dawn/LizzySue

    They do remind me of gardening clogs (with holes)!!

    Too bright and they would emphasize my HUGE feet also. They look “earthy”, so the fact that they are popular in CO doesn’t surprise me!!

  • Gayle

    I first really noticed them when my sister’s MIL had on a pair at the beach. She said they are so comfortable and come in such crazy colors (is that a good thing?) that she bought all her sisters, daughters and granddaughters a pair. Fortunately she left my Jones of New York/Ann Taylor wearing sister out of the shopping spree.

    I live in a pretty crunchy granola area and expect them to strike here soon. But I’ll pass too.

  • moms_s_t

    I have never heard of them but K has. She thinks they’re ugly.

  • Mel

    I haven’t seen anyone wearing those in my neck of the woods (the Pacific Northwest). Then again, I don’t get out much. 😉

  • Maria Kunz

    I think Crocs are ‘spotty’ hip; Colorado for sure, my movers from Iowa were wanting to buy some when they were in CO, & here in AZ, hardly anyone wears them (maybe because it’s 110 degrees right now?). My daughter (almost 13) owns an orange pair, & practically everyone on her Denver soccer team had a pair in various colors. Now that we’re in AZ, I’ve seen more on store racks (actually, one store rack) than on feet, but wonder if they’ll catch on in the winter months. They are indeed very comfortable & supposedly are composed of material that doesn’t allow bacteria to flourish so they don’t get stinky, & we all admit they’re ugly — maybe so ugly they’re almost cute! At 41, I’ll leave that fashion trend alone.

  • hamster

    I defintely see them in stores, but less on feet. I think they were more popular a couple years ago. Even though I never bought a pair, I could see their utility in a rainy, but not terribly cold place like the Bay Area.

    The brand you see on everyone’s foot here now is Keen — sort of a jazzed up TEVA. I admit to owning a pair of Keens, but it’s not for the look of them (in my opinion, unsightly) but because they are kind to my feet.

  • sister-of-mopsy

    They are popular here in Carolinas… but I HATE them. I have gardening clogs, but ONLY wear them when it’s wet outside to do actual gardening so not to ruin my flolps. I’ve had them for years and they too don’t get stinky. THESE ARE SOOOOO UGLY. They remind me of Jellies (remember those). They are like Jellies for Hippies.

  • Tracy (tjly)

    Never seeen them in South Florida. Of course, they could be popular with the high school set that I don’t really seee. I agree that they are sort of like those horridly ugly “jellies” that were so popular in the 80s. Blech!

  • mopsy

    So far the consensus is a big thumbs down. I was hoping to hear from fans of Crocs, but “hideously ugly” probably scared Crocophiles off. Don’t be shy!

  • I have seen these for sale in the stores, but no one wearing them. Maybe one young girl. I don’t think they caught on. I think I saw a big table of them remaindered somewhere.

  • My daughter is on the swim team and all the kids wear them to the swim meets. I suppose it is because they can get wet. I think they are completely ugly and they look uncomfortable, but then again, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right?!?!

  • Marleen (dec 01)

    I haven’t seen them here in Utah yet. But how much ya wanna bet I’m gonna see them everywhere, and on everyone, now that you posted this?! Like when you buy a new car and then you see that car all over, but never really noticed it before. Not that I’m going to buy them. They are
    U-gly!! I can’t be seen in something like that, no matter how “trendy”! I try to be ‘hip’ for my age (35), but you’ll never catch me in those gator thingys!! Ewwww!!!!!!

  • AmyP

    I’m almost positive these are the only shoes that norasmom says her DS Thomas can wear. She posted a pic and that’s the first time I saw them. I might have seen them for sale at WalMart today — in any case it was an equally odd and lurid-colored shoe that I wouldn’t wear.

    I’m curious, since your pink flipflops are a permanent fixture (or did you say ubiquitous?), does that mean you wear pink a lot, or that you use pink as a neutral — the new black, as it were?

  • mopsy

    I remember that Thomas has chunky little feet and Crocs were the happy solution. On little kids Crocs have a Hans Brinker/Hans Christian Andersen sort of charm that eludes everyone else.

    I bought my pink sequined (and yes, ubiquitous and constantly present) flip flops at a low time in my life, back in early March. They were some of the first springtime/sunny/happy things I’d seen in the stores and I had to have them. They cheered me up. I don’t think I will wear them next summer, even though they’ve held up really well. They were the official shoes of the Summer of 2005, and if I sold t-shirts in the parking lot, they’d be on them.

    I do not wear pink alot. I have two pink shirts, that’s it!

  • Shelley (brghtii)

    Well, I have a pair (light blue) an dlove them. They are ugly, I’ll give you that. But it is like you are walking on air. Actually the pair I have are from Payless and are called AIR WALKS. They are soft and squishy! They are very attractive…BUT the comfort out weighs the look for me. I have been give comments like “those are garden shoes!”. well, whatever they ARE they are comfy. My feet do sweat a bit though, that is the only down side to me.

  • Never seen them before, but like Marlene said, I’ll probably see them all over now that you’ve brought it too my attention. I would think that I wouldn’t be so out of it that I wouldn’t notice something that bright on someone’s feet!

  • I have seen them, and my 75 year old uncle, who lives in Boulder, CO and was here recently visiting, was wearing a pair and swearing how comfy they are. They are extremely light, but the plasticy foam seems like it would lead to sweatiness as mentioned by others. Also are they supportive on the inside? If they are I might try them with socks, since I have had foot problems that require good arch support in my shoes. I have to agree they aren’t the most attractive shoe around.

  • janemjr

    Nope not in Hong Kong as far as I know. I think they’d be way too sweaty to wear here before December!

  • Oh, they are quite the rage around here. My GQ stylish brother owns two pairs (and he’s 23), and got my mom a pair, who eventually bought herself two more pairs in different colors (and she’s 56). They are really comfortable, your feet don’t really sweat that much in them (probably because of the holes), and I have to give my vote in favor of them. I don’t have a pair, but it’s only because I don’t have the money to buy them. In fact, until I read this post I hadn’t met anyone who ever thought they were ugly. Go figure.

    Other than the comfort factor, they are really easy to maintain. Wash them off and they are good as new. I don’t suspect I’ll be seeing them too often once the rains set in hard around here (in Oregon).

    So, if my count is correct, that’s 2 votes in favor and about 2 dozen against. I don’t suspect you’ve been persuaded to buy a pair, hmmm? 🙂

  • I’ve only seen them on my Colorado relatives. I notice, though, that I am somewhat a pawn of fashion; things I initially think are hideous grow on me subtly and next thing I know, I’m pining after them. Fortunately, I can’t afford to indulge in trendy stuff too often.

  • Maria Kunz

    Aha! Mystery solved … go to & in the company history, you’ll find they originated in Boulder, Colorado.

  • JoAnn

    I have seen them in stores, but not on anyone’s feet here in MN. I don’t like them, the look etc.

    People is CO are a bit strange with their obsessions, aren’t they! Just kidding.


  • Kathy

    Yep, they are popular here in Missouri. Just really started seeing them early summer.
    I do not like them at all!! Thank Goodness, my son has no fashion awareness at all, as well as Tara! SP is into “beautiful pink & frilly ” but not Croc’s!

    I’d say mostly the kids have them around here!

    Thanks for the laugh! I too, thought this was some weird St. Louis thing. BTW, they remind me of surgical clogs! UGH
    Take Care!

  • They are all the rage in my area. They can be found on the feet of the very young…infants…to the very old…women in their 80’s (I’ve seen it!). All the teenagers in our church have them. Even the school nurse where I work wears them.

    I have never worn them. I think they are ugly too. But I hear they are the most comfortable shoe in existence. Of course, that is only what I hear…

  • Uncle Jim

    Well I’ll have to say after many answers to how the crocs hold up… I’ve never seen them out here in Cali. but have certainly heard of them in Colo. now I’d like to buy a pair just to see what they feel like for myself!

  • Sonji (norasmom2001)

    Finally here to defend the Crocs! Yes, they are not the prettiest shoes in the world, but they are super comfortable! I have 3 pairs (pink, light blue and black) for myself and lived in them this summer. DD sports her pink pair as often as she can, and DS finally agreed to wearing shoes once we found his pair. They were medically indicated in our case, and those ugly little shoes were a lifesaver for us.

    I can see where they wouldn’t be to everyone’s liking, but I never got the whole Birkenstock thing, so I guess it’s just a matter of personal opinion!

    Oh, and by the way, the knock-off that Shelley talked about make up 2 of my 3 pairs — I actually think those are more comfy than the originals, and they were half price, only $15 per pair.

  • sselena

    These strange shoes have hit the south. Alabama to be exact, and EVERYONE must have a pair. Teens especially!

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