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Crockpot 911

Please post your favorite Crockpot/slow cooker recipes. When the sun passes a certain latitude on its trip to Rio or thereabouts, my Crockpot begins singing to my stomach, attempting to seduce it with promises of juicy roasts made with French Onion soup packets. I am looking for new ideas to keep my family (and me) enthusiastic about Crockpot days.


17 comments to Crockpot 911

  • Well, sounds like you know my crock pot secret…or not so secret. I love pot roast with French Onion soup packets!

    Sorry, I’m not really gonna be able to help you out…I’m not exactly the greatest cook! 😀

  • Tracy (tjly)

    Two of my super easy favorites are:

    1. Brown a beef brisket and dump a huge jar of salsa on top of it and cook for 8 hours on low. You can then either serve like a roast or “pull”/shred it and use for sandwiches, tacos, etc. Yum!!!

    2. Brown round steak tips (or beef chunks for stew) and place in crock pot. Dump one can of Cream of Mushroom, one can of Cream of Beefy Mushroom, a couple of dashes of Worshestire sauce and some fresh mushrooms. Cook on low for 8 hours. Serve over mashed potatoes or rice.

    Another favorite is pulled pork. But I make that in the oven. Here is the recipe:

    3. Put 1 tbsp. flour in an oven bag and shake. Put a 5 pound boneless pork shoulder inside. Mix 1/2 bottle Tom’s B-B-Q sauce and 1/3 jar vinegar and pour over roast. Tie up bag. Place roast in bag in pyrex baking dish. Cut 5 slits in the top of the bag and cook on 295 degrees for 6-7 hours. Remove pork from bag, add add’l b-b-q sauce and vinegar as needed and pull/shred. This is DELICIOUS. We serve it on sandwich rolls with cole-slaw on top. Its been a huge hit with company too and boy is it easy!

  • sister-of-mopsy

    ok so I don’t do recipes, but you can make one up.

    I call this one meatball extravaganza:

    Step one: make meatballs (cook them in the oven) – see recipe in any betty crocker cookbook or go to

    Step two: put meatballs, pepperoni(not the thin pre-packaged type, by a roll and cut nice sized slices yourself, garlic (real not powdered), spaghetti sauce (homemade or prego, whichever you have time for), lots of italian spices in crockpot, a little red chili peppers (for some kick), and anything else that seems appropriate

    Step three: Cook until nice and bubbly, leave in crockpot to serve so its hot

    Step Four: Eat (with pasta, by itself, on hoagies (yummy but messy meatball sandwich)

  • mopsy

    I’ve never commented specifically to *myself*, but here is the recipe I seem to make the most. It is really yummy:

    Crockpot Swiss Chicken Casserole

    6 chicken breasts, boneless and skinless
    6 slices Swiss cheese
    1 can cream of mushroom soup
    1/4 cup milk
    2 cups stuffing mix
    1/2 cup butter or margarine, melted


    Lightly grease crock pot or spray with cooking spray. Place chicken breasts in pot. Top with cheese. Combine soup and milk, stirring well. Spoon over cheese; sprinkle with stuffing mix. Drizzle melted butter over stuffing mix. Cook on low 8 to 10 hours or high 4 to 6 hours. Serves 6.

  • Mel

    I just plop a whole chicken into the crockpot. Salt & pepper (or whatever spices you like) and cook it 10-12 hours on low.

  • Hi Mopsy, I posted my recipe on my blog-I think I will have to come back and write some of these down. I love using the crock-pot too, especially for busy days!

  • Sorry, I thought this was CRACKpot 911. 🙂 No recipes to offer, just a smart alec remark.

  • mopsy

    That’s my next post, Lexie.

    So far, so yummy. Keep the recipes coming! I’ve always been too scared to plop a whole chicken in the crackpot because I am afraid of the mangy carcass I’ll have to remove. I keep picturing a chicken skeleton simmering on my countertop.

  • OOOOOO! I love crock pot recipes! Here are a couple that I just pulled from my recipe box. I have lots more that I love if you’re interested.

    Crock Pot Chili

    2 lbs. ground beef, browned and drained
    1 lg onion, chopped
    2 tsp salt
    1 Tbsp chili powder
    2 bay leaves, optional
    1 Tbsp Worcestershire sauce
    2 16 oz cans tomato sauce
    4 16 oz cans kidney beans, rinsed and drained

    Mix all ingredients and put in crock pot for 6-8 hours on HIGH so the flavors can really be released. If extra hotness is desired, substitute chili beans for the kidney beans.

    Chili will be thicker, not soup-like.

    Sometimes I blend 2 of the cans of kidney beans in the blender with the tomato sauce.

    Crock Pot Vegetable Stew

    1 lb ground beef, browned and drained
    1 c chopped onion
    1 jar (30 oz) meatless spaghetti sauce
    3 1/2 c water
    1 pkg (16 oz) frozen mixed vegetables
    1 c sliced celery
    1 tsp beef bouillion granules
    1 tsp pepper
    8 oz uncooked rotini pasta

    Put all ingredients EXCEPT for pasta into crock pot. Cover and cook on low 8 hrs or til veggies are tender. 30 min before stew is done, prepare pasta according to pkg directions. Drain pasta and add to stew. Mix well. Makes 12 servings (3 qts).

  • This is a staple at our house!
    Slow Cooker Enchiladas
    1 C chopped onion
    1/2 C chopped green pepper
    1 can (16 oz) pinto or kidney beans (rinsed and drained)
    1 can black beans (rinsed and drained)
    1 can (10 oz) diced tomatoes and green chiles (rinsed and drained)
    1/3 C water
    1 t chile powder
    1/2 t ground cumin
    1/2 t salt
    1/4 t pepper
    1 C shredded sharp cheddar
    1 C shredded monteray Jack
    6 flour tortillas

    Saute onion and pepper. Add next eight ingredients; bring to boil. Reduce heat; cover and simmer for 10 minutes. Combine chesses. In crockpot layer 3/4 cup of mixture, 1 tortilla, 1/3 cup cheese. Repeat layers. Cook on low 5 – 7 hours.

  • mopsy

    These are going to be wonderful! Thanks for opening your recipe boxes. I am open for more, too, if anyone else would like to chime in…

  • Since you asked for more, here you go! These are some of our favorites.

    Italian Bow Tie Supper (tastes like lasagna or ravioli)

    1 1/2 lbs. ground beef
    1 med onion
    1 garlic clove, minced
    2 cans (8 oz each) tomato sauce
    1 can (14 1/2 oz) stewed tomatoes, cut up
    1 tsp oregano
    1 tsp Italian seasoning
    salt and pepper to taste
    1 pkg (16 oz) bow tie pasta, cooked and drained
    1 pkg (10 oz) frozen chopped spinach, thawed and well drained
    1 1/2 c (6 oz) shredded mozzarella cheese
    1/2 c grated Parmesan cheese

    In a skillet, cook the beef, onion, and garlic over med heat til meat is no longer pink; drain. Transfer to a slow cooker. Stir in the tomato sauce, tomatoes, and seasonings. Cover and cook on low for 7-8 hrs or til bubbly.

    Increase heat to high; stir in the pasta, spinach, mozzarella, and Parmesan cheese. Cover and cook for 10 min or until heated through and cheese is melted. Makes 6 servings (more like 8 servings).

    Tender Pork Roast

    1 boneless pork roast (about 3 lbs)
    1 can (8 oz) tomato sauce
    3/4 c soy sauce
    1/2 c sugar
    2 tsp ground mustard

    Cut roast in half; place in 5 qt. slow cooker. Combine remaining ingredients; pour over roast. Cover and cook on low for 8-9 hrs or until a meat thermometer reads 160-170 degrees. Remove roast to a serving platter and keep warm. If desired, skim fat from pan juices and thicken for gravy. Makes 8 servings

    Golden Chicken and Noodles

    6 boneless skinless chicken breast halves (1 1/2 lbs)
    2 can (10 3/4 oz each) condensed broccoli cheese soup, undiluted
    2 c milk
    1 small onion, chopped
    1/2 to 1 tsp salt, optional
    1/2 to 1 tsp dried basil
    1/8 tsp pepper
    hot cooked noodles

    Cut chicken pieces in half; place in a 5 qt slow cooker. Combine the soup, milk, onion, salt if desired, basil, and pepper; pour over chicken. Cover and cook on high for 1 hr. Reduce heat to low; cover and cook 5-6 hrs longer or until the meat juices run clear. Serve over noodles. Makes 6 servings

    Corned Beef and Cabbage

    1 med onion cut into wedges
    4 med potatoes, peeled and quartered
    1 lb baby carrots
    3 c water
    3 garlic cloves, minced
    1 bay leaf
    2 Tbsp sugar
    2 Tbsp cidar vinegar
    1/2 tsp pepper
    1 corned beef brisket with spice packet (2 1/2-3 lbs), cut in half
    1 small head cabbage, cut into wedges

    Place onion, potatoes, and carrots in 5 qt slow cooker. Combine water, garlic, bay leaf, sugar, vinegar, pepper, and contents of spice packet; pour over the vegetables. Top with brisket and cabbage. Cover and cook on low 8-9 hrs or until meat and vegetables are tender. Remove bay leaf before serving. Makes 6-8 servings

  • hamster

    I’m going to buy a crock pot.

  • AmyP

    Well I love pot roast made with Penzey’s English Prime Rib rub. I might put carrots in for the last hour, and/or onions, but otherwise just the meat and some beef broth and the Penzey’s.

    Another easy one is to put beef in with no water and just a whole bottle of good KC-style BBQ sauce. Pull apart and serve on buns.

    In both cases a lot seems to depend on the cut of meat you buy, although of course I cannot remember which are the right ones.

  • Steak in the Slow Cooker (I love this and the kids do too)

    Slice steak thinly (I usually use bottom round steak because it’s cheap and lean) and brown it in a skillet. Place in crock pot with 2 cans cream of chicken soup, 2-3 cans of water, and 1 packet onion soup mix. Stir. Cook on low 8 hours. Serve over rice.

  • Uncle Jim

    I just got a crockpot the other day.. and I’m going to try some of these!

    If all else fails, revert back to Hubby (My bro) because he made some of the best crock-pot meals for the both of us when we roomed together in college

  • Beckie

    Here’s a couple of my faves:

    Beef Burgundy-

    2 lbs beef stew meat
    3 regular cans or 1 extra large family size can of cream of mushroom soup
    1 packet dry onion soup mix
    1/3 cup sherry cooking wine

    mix all together and place in crockpot. High 5-6 hours, low 8-10. Serve over rice, mashed potatoes or noodles.

    French dip sandwiches –

    1 beef chuck roast (3-4 lbs)
    2 cups water
    1/2 cup soy sauce
    1 tsp dried rosemary
    1 tsp dried thyme
    1 tsp garlic powder
    1 bay leaf
    3 to 4 peppercorns
    8 french rolls, split

    Place roast in crockpot. Combine all other ingredients and pour over. Cook on high for 5-6 hours. Shred with a fork. Serve on rolls and dip in the broth served in small bowls or cups. Very easy and I’ve served this to company and I’ve taken it to innumerable new moms after they had a baby. I get raves every time.

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