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Sam demonstrates Crayola’s new “Make Your Own Sleeves” kit:

coming soon! paint-on-pants!

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  • Isaac needs those for his legs when the weather turns chilly, as I know he will be resisting long pants.

  • Oh, my! I hope if that is Crayola it’s the washable kind! Yikes!

  • I love how he chose colors to complement his shirt – very “fashion”, as my daughter would say!

  • Looks familiar. My girls recently went through a “red chicken pox” and “brown freckles” phase. Glad they didn’t get to the Sharpies!

  • Sounds a lot like the “make your own makeup kit” my daughter has been using! She has been getting great results too!

    Very nice story about your honeymoon-you are blessed! My hubby and I visited Ouray 2 weeks ago-it was beautiful. We also saw Telluride for the first time. Most of the weekend we went hiking, driving and we took tons of pictures, I can’t wait to do it again!

    BTW, I live in Canon City, about 2 hours south of Denver.

  • mopsy

    Randi, my aunt and uncle live in Canon City. They restored a Victorian home, one of the oldest in the town. I love visiting there.

    Southwestern CO is probably my favorite part of the state. I grew up in Grand Junction. You must have driven on the Million Dollar Highway? It is breathtaking (and scary, even for us seasoned natives!).

  • Kim

    He must have thought that was so cool! Too bad he didn’t notice those bare legs!

  • We have that kit too! Cute.

  • Lovely. Aren’t boys great?

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