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Christmas Break’s Sweet 16 (photos)

We traveled to Grand Junction to spend Christmas at my childhood home, with my mom and dad. It was the first time we’ve celebrated there in seven years. The last time we went, Beatrix was a 3-month-old. Things have changed slightly.

This year, we staged our holiday invasion with a 33% increase in forces. It’s always tight quarters when we visit, but we squeeze in and it makes it more fun, somehow.

I picked out some of my favorite photos from our trip, plus a few extras of what we’ve been up to in early January. Are these the artsiest pics? No. Some are blurry. But I don’t care. They still make me smile. The kids return to school tomorrow, so it’s nice to have this reflection today on how wonderful break was this year (except most of us are currently sick with aches, fevers, headaches and a cough, so there’s that…)

Sigh. I love how my mom decorates trees.


Christmas Eve, minus Teddy, who was crumpled on the floor having a massive meltdown.

So many laughs on Christmas morning

Busted! But the true reason I love this pic is Beatrix's expression.

The traditional post-Christmas morning crash

It was a white Christmas

We took several walks in the snow, which were lovely, shivery, but exhilarating.

Hitting the roller rink, sometimes literally.

Driving home!

One of those blurry pics I love. Ollie, sizing himself up with an IKEA table piece.

On New Year's Eve, the girls and I went to the zoo.

Winter is an awesome time to go to the zoo. Heat = sleepy animals. Cold = active animals.

We spent a lot of break playing games and working on this Hobbit puzzle.

Larimer Square, Denver, drive-thru on a date night

2 comments to Christmas Break’s Sweet 16 (photos)

  • Amy

    I love the pictures! it looks like you had a wonderful Christmas. May the germs leave quickly and not linger too long into the new year.

  • Mom

    Thanks, delightful and great pictures. It makes me want to do it all over again……really!

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