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The Fast, The Furious, The French-Fried

Aidan’s high school chamber choir held their annual service day and Thanksgiving feast this past Saturday. Like last year, she signed up to bring green bean casserole. Because I didn’t want her hauling around a hot green bean casserole all day, she could mix the ingredients, put them in a baking dish, then I would […]

How to Make a Fun and Easy Mario and Luigi Cake

Teddy had a very difficult time deciding what kind of cake he wanted for his fourth birthday. He swung from Thomas the Tank Engine to Mario Kart to Oscar the Grouch. He even proposed incorporating all three into a complicated and bizarre cake where trains, Italian plumbers, and grouches live in harmonic world of sugar, […]

Humble Pie: It Tastes Like Burning

Voodoo Doughnuts is one of the most famous doughnut peddlers in the world. They recently opened their first shop outside the Portland, Oregon area in the heart of downtown Denver. The line to buy doughnuts stretched down streets and around corners for weeks. We decided to let the fascination mellow, so we waited. One early […]