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Boy or Girl?

My intuition regarding the gender of our new baby is non-existant. It could be a giraffe, from all I can discern about what is going on with our Newbie. Therefore, I must rely on analyzing what the baby’s gender is, based on intellectual observations.

The argument for Girl: Our oldest child and only daughter does not want a sister. For the first time, she has made no secret that the baby better not be a girl. With all the previous pregnancies, she begged for a baby sister and even cried upon finding out that another brother was on the way. Her reasoning is “sisters fight” and she is afraid she will fight with her baby sister. We pointed out they will be eight years apart in age and it is very unlikely they will find much to fight about.

She also stated she wants to remain The Princess. Another girl would shave away part of her glittery pink crown, make the luster of her status less dazzling, and make the sparkles and twinkles of her ballgown less sparkly and twinkly. She enjoys her unique status as Girl of the House. Our daughter has been thwarted when it comes to getting her desired sibling–why should this time be any different?

Another reason the baby is probably a girl: it would complicate our bedroom and living arrangement. We need to move and if it is a girl, we are looking at five bedrooms instead of four. We have no girl clothes in sizes under 6X.

It is a girl because that would make things more complicated and we seem to attract everything that is complicated.

The argument for Boy: I have been pregnant with so many boys there must be a little miniature urinal hanging up in there. There must be a spray-painted “no girls allowed!” zig-zagging across the walls, a remote control (but no TV because the reception would be awful), and a Thomas the Tank Engine deluxe playset with Cranky the Crane to help the little guy tick off the boring hours of fetal development. A boy would feel welcome to put up his feet, maybe suck on them a bit, kick me a few times, and dream about joining the rowdy Band of Brothers that eagerly awaits his arrival.

3 comments to Boy or Girl?

  • bro-de-mopsy

    Well – I’ve been totally wrong about our bundles of joy that are on the way – I’m gonna go out on a limb as say you’re having another boy.

    So, that means it’s going to be a girl.

  • kat

    I thought kiddo#1 would be a girl..and then he was a boy. I thought this current belly would turn out to be a boy…and he’s really a SHE and will be a girl. so much for that theory.

    chinese cultures often guess that the higher the belly is on the body…means it’ll be a girl. the lower means it’ll be a boy.

  • I have 3 boys of my own and I think I must have some of those same “no girls allowed” attributes in my belly too! I’ve heard that the more of one gender you have, the more likely it is that you will keep having that gender. Who know the science on this stuff?!?!

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