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Born blind

There are a multitude of things that bother me regarding the whole Octomom story. I can’t add anything new to what has already been said, except for this:

I really hate when these babies (and any other babies born from large multiple pregnancies) are referred to as a litter, like they are in this article.

The word litter diminishes their inherent individuality as eight separate humans. They aren’t a mewling collective.

6 comments to Born blind

  • ignorance and arrogant are the only two words to described a journalist that would actually refer to the birth of babies as a litter!

    Courtney from Mommie Blogs’s last blog post..wordless wednesday

  • Litter? Really? That is so lame.

    I’m sure our kiddos are viewed the same way by certain types of people. Those “Lifenut” kids. Or the “Laundrypile” crew. (Insert real last names) Little do they realize the diversity and individuality of each one. Their loss though. Too bad they will never know the joy of each one of the personalities.

    Heth’s last blog post..Grocery Day

  • I agree 100% with you. These babies are victims in this whole thing. They shouldn’t be paying the price or be dehumanized in that manner.

    Karen {simply a musing blog}’s last blog post..Do you iGoogle?

  • Luckily they will grow up as their own individual selves regardless or despite of what a nasty welcome they have been given. I for one have been shocked at the level of nastiness aimed at these little innocent “individual” infants.

    se7en’s last blog post..Basically Brilliant Bookplates…

  • Litter? They actually said LITTER? Appalling.

  • You know, I read this article and didn’t find the use of the word “litter” offensive. To me it’s just a technical term to describe a group of offspring, rather than one or two. I didn’t find the article to contain any nastiness directed towards the babies, either. It seemed to me to be mostly focused on the doctor and the malpractice implications; and certainly this doctor acted irresponsibly toward his patients. This is not the same at all as a family deciding to have as many children as the Lord sees fit to give them. I think the negative publicity is an important part of deterring doctors from doing such things in the future; it’s a case of using technology in a way with potential to harm. And I think this may the first time I’ve ever disagreed with you, Gretchen!

    Inkling’s last blog post..Wrapping it up.

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