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Beauteous maximus (important update)

Thanks to Heidi, aka Minnesota Mom for sleuthing out the fact that Nordstrom’s IS NOT affiliated with e.l.f cosmetics. So don’t buy if that is an important factor to you. She included a link in the comment section from Nordstrom’s about this issue, which is apparently ongoing and something they’ve had to beat-down in the past.

I am trusting the makeup isn’t made from the eyelashes of baby lambies.

I am sorry for any dismay the post may have caused, and I thank those who brought this to my attention!

Leaving it up for context…


I just restocked my makeup bag! I am really excited, especially considering I don’t wear much makeup. I am going to start in 4-7 business days. Heh.

Nordstom’s (not exactly the corner Gas N’ Gobble) is repackaging the ELF makeup line, so most of it is on sale for $1. I got 4 eyeshadow colors, two lip tints, a tinted facial moisturizer, body butter, blush, and an eyeliner for $12, including shipping. If you enter the code CAROLINA, your subtotal is halved.

Link for shopping is here.

Hat tip: Mommy Life

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