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Applauding summer as it flounces away ~ Week 10

School starts this Tuesday. Our last full week of Summer Break 2012 is over, done, put to bed. Our days were either crammed with activity or soaked in sheer laziness. We spent time in Centennial with friends at a park and IKEA. We spent time lazing in front of screens. There was even a day when certain people never bothered to shed pajamas. It was a great mix of romping and yawning.

We topped off the week, and our summer break, with a trip to our northern neighbor, Wyoming. It seems odd, but our kids have never been to Wyoming, even though it’s RIGHT THERE. We decided to invade Cheyenne without a plan, going where the wind (and my goodness gracious, was it ever windy…) would take us. Cheyenne’s Depot Square was hosting a farmer’s market. The roasted chiles smelled incredible. We checked out the historic depot where countless trans-continental travelers found themselves, no doubt bewildered by the mix of high plain expanse and relentless winds. Lunch was Taco John’s, which started in Cheyenne. History and burritos collide. Yum. Somehow, we ended up at the Botanic Gardens, which was small but stunning.

Kind of like our summer.


Archie was wearing size 18-month overalls. His idea. Not as fun in practice as in theory.


North, and according to Beatrix, a different country

Cheyenne's Depot Square




High Plains Garden at Children's Village, Cheyenne Botanical Gardens

He fell in. A little.



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