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Annabelle Bunny

not the annabelle edgar dreamed of
It wasn’t too very long ago,
An attempt to make us agree,
A maiden by the name of Aidan,
Made for Annabelle-bunny a plea;
And this maiden lived with no other thought
Than to babysit the class bunny.

We were the parents, she the obsessed child,
Begging and pleading, and whining
To open our home to a bunny-not-wild,
But we feared our dog would be dining:
With a bark would send straight to heaven
Annabelle-bunny—the dog’s stomach, furry lining.

And for some reason mysterious, merely last night,
The mother of bunny-loving-lass,
Her head not screwed on entirely tight
Told the teacher of a third-grade-class:
“For a weekend we’d gladly take Annabelle home!
I don’t mind the allergens we’ll amass!”
The sign-up sheet met her penciled scrawl
To sponsor Annabelle-bunny’s weekend pass.

Why didn’t our daughter want to take home the class gecko, Sparkle? It could have at least saved me 15% off our car insurance.

Sometime, this fall, we will be hosting Annabelle, bunny extraordinaire, the cutest rabbit you’ve ever seen in your whole entire life for a weekend. At last night’s Back to School event, I was caught up in the sign-up sheet frenzy.

* I would thank Mr. Poe for his “Annabel Lee”, but I think he would want to distance himself as much as possible from my retelling…

6 comments to Annabelle Bunny

  • Oh what a good Mommy you are!! Kylie’s class doesn’t have any pets – they aren’t allowed to anymore because of allergies. They do have beta-fish (and are lobbying hard for a hermit crab), but I don’t think they give them weekend passes.

  • Shayne

    I’m sure Annabelle Bunny will be ever grateful for you springing her from the classroom for a weekend. I remember bringing home the class gerbils one weekend. Something tells me my parents were probably less than thrilled!

  • “Mom…I just found this little kitty, puppy, rabbit, gerbil,….can we keep it? Please?” Usually followed by an emphatic “I’ll take care of it, I promise!” Oops..I lied. Mom usually ended up doing it. However…she always let us experience pets. Consider yourself lucky though, this is just a weekend visit. I so easily forget how enriching animals were to me as a child and just look at them as “another thing for me to take care of.” Good for you for doing this. It has inspired me to perhaps try a little hard with the pet thing for my girls.

  • The picture of your baby with the dog is SOOOO cute! They look like they are excercising together!

  • Wow you are brave. Not so much for taking on the bunny–I had a pet bunny, he was a cinch, but for taking on Annabelle Lee! Well done!

  • mopsy

    I don’t know what I was thinking, Laura…I was going to do several more stanzas, but how much can a person say about taking a bunny home for a weekend?

    I think it will be a lot of fun for Aidan to host Annabelle (and the rest of the kids). Sammy and I will need to load up on our allergy meds. And we will need to keep the dog very contained…I have visions of having to explain to a class of third-graders that the bunny died at *our* house, sorry.

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